Woof Woof!

Soozee Adams

Suzanne- Snarkette aka- Snarky Sue
Purred: Wed Mar 5, '08 5:31pm PST 
My Mami added me to the group and somehow she lost adminship and EVEN all our kitties memberships!


I'm glad that Chloe is now also an admin or I think we would have lost the group completely! She will be fixing this soon, thank you Chloe! You're the bestus! cheer

I wanted to say Hi and that I put my butt in people, other doggie and sometimes kitty faces...but not too much with the kitties. I love cats as much as I love to be petted.

I am glad to be here, puppy suggars to all ya'll kitties that like some puppy lovin. OXOXOXO