ARTHRITIS: What kind of joint is this?

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Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 2:12pm PST 
Many of us Olde Furts have issues with arthritis. Here's a thread where we can talk about what works for us....

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Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 4:29pm PST 
Pfew! I am out of breath!! I have been practicing "The Streak" and "The Flash" a la Rascal! Maybe these moves will intimidate Sofia. Meowm noted, to my consternation, that my speed is "rather slow" because I am stiff. My reply: I'm doing well for a 16 year old furte! I can still jump up on the counter too!

Do any of you take glucosamine for stiffness?

Hugs, Elsa

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Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 6:25pm PST 
I'm the glucosamine Queen, Elsa. I take a full capsule of Cosequin for Cats every day and have been for about 2 years. I think it has helped my stiffness. I know some other Olde Furts take glucosamine, too.

I can no longer jump up to the counter. frown

Thomas - brave- angel&hearts- ;

Mild-mannered- ninja.
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 6:46pm PST 
Elsa, I take glucosamine (Cosequin, like Scootie said) every other day to keep Arthur Itis from bothering me. Arthur is a meanie, but he hasn't been so nasty lately. Sometimes I'm nearly playful, although I haven't done much jumping or climbing lately. Mama's waiting to see what happens when my Boy comes home again next week. He has a loft bed, and if I climb up there to be with him she knows I'm feeling good!

You know what's also good for stiff joints? Sitting right in front of a space heater! Only Mama keeps turning it very low when I do that - something about not wanting me to get burnt. Phooey I say. That warmth soaking through my black coat and into my olde bones feels divine!

Mama heard that glucosamine is also good for cats with bladder and urinary problems, so whenever I get some Cow!Cat gets some too, even though he's not an olde furt.

Elsa, - Sweet Angel

Forever Flirt
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 6:55pm PST 
Scootie and Thomas,

Coseqin--Do I need an prescription for that? Does it taste any good, or do we have to be "pilled?"

I want Meowm to buy some for me.

Thanks so much.

Thomas, I have a feeling that you are going to climb up the bunk bed when your boy gets home!

Hugs! Elsa

Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 7:19pm PST 
Elsa, I think it's only sold by vets (not in pet stores, etc.), but you can also buy it online without a prescription. It's much cheaper online. Mom happens to buy mine from but it's sold by many others. Just Google "Cosequin for Cats" and you should find many sources. EntirelyPets has always shipped very promptly and Mom has never had a problem. The expiration date on the boxes I get is always quite far out, too.

Your mom might want to check with your vet to make sure (s)he would recommend it for you (I don't know why they wouldn't). My vet also wanted me to take it for bladder health, as Thomas said. I have had occasional bouts of "sterile cystitis".

It's a powder, in a capsule. Open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on your food. Mine is stirred into baby food and it doesn't ruin the baby food for me. The powder is chicken & tuna (?) flavored.

Elsa, I'm a picky eater and can not be relied on to eat my food, so Mom doesn't try to put anything in my food. She only uses my "treat" of baby food to put things in. Cosequin doesn't ruin my baby food treat but I don't know how particular you are. There would probably be something you'd like that your meowmy could stir it into.

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Thomas - brave- angel&hearts- ;

Mild-mannered- ninja.
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 7:46pm PST 
Mama doesn't use my regular dry food for meds. She uses Trader Joe's cat tuna - but since I like the juice from wet food more than the actual food, what she does is mix a spoonful of the cat tuna with a little bit of hot water. Then she strains out most of the tuna (just with a spoon - I'm not too demanding of my chef!) Then she mixes the cosequin powder and the contents of a vitamin capsule into the strained liquid, puts my 2 drops of metacam on top where I'll get it all with the first lick or two - and I usually lap it up without any fuss.

If I do get a little finicky, she'll add a teeny pinch of catnip and suddenly I'm very eager to eat it!

Alaidh - my little- angel

The only real- cat is a grey- cat!
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 9:12pm PST 
I take glucosamine, too! Mummy's not sure how much it's working, yet, though, because it hasn't been very long. I used to eat the tablets right from Mummy's hand, but I decided I no longer liked them, so now she mixes it into my soup.

Taillee *ILM*

Pet meeeee!!!!!
Purred: Mon Feb 25, '08 10:17pm PST 
Ah, a stiff joint conversation... wonderful to come in on! I don't
take anything myself, though mama's starting to think sometimes I
should. I've got a script for Metacam but as I act so much like a
kitten most of the time and am not in pain, I don't get it every day.
Mama has found that I take it quite easily in a pill pocket. Even if
some of it gets on the outside!! It doesn't quite hold the full dose,
but it's enough. With me having hip displaysia, she wonders if
glucosamine will help on those bad days... she doesn't like giving me
medicine if she can help it... less chemicals in my old body.

I haven't been able to jump well enough to get on the counter in
years... but mama had broken me of doing it anyway... I broke a
plant once... hehehe... but I'll still get little bouts where I'll streak all
around the living room and kitchen and roll up the rug in the hall...
if it weren't for the fact mama's had me for 10 years already, she'd
think I was 2 when I get going... MOL!!!

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JoJo- McCormick

Me! Me! Me! LOOK- AT ME! Me! Me!
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 8:42am PST 
Hello, beautiful Elsa! Mommy started giving me glucosamine about 4 months ago. The flavor I get is chicken/tuna, and it comes in a capsule that Mommy breaks open and spinkles on my wet food. I wouldn't touch the stuff when she sprinkled it on my dry she switched to wet. It seems to help a bit. However, at 17, I don't exactly fly up and down the stairs! MOL.
Oh, and she gets it from my vet. Worth a try!
Purrs to you!!!!!

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