The Date Game! Find your lover!

♥Muff- in♥

Don't eat me I'm- too cute!
Purred: Fri Feb 22, '08 4:36pm PST 
Okay!! Here is how you paly! It is simple! Send a rossete to somone you want to be your girlfriend or boyfriend! If you dont have a rosette you can p-mail them and or write who you want to date here on this thread! Have fun!
P.S. I am availabble!red faceway to godancing


Josie loves- Tyler!
Purred: Fri Feb 22, '08 6:24pm PST 
You are too cute, Muffin, but you're a GIRL, so I can't date you! BOL!

I kind of have a thing for T-Bone. He lives in New York, too. I'd ask him out, but I'm kind of an old fashioned girl. I'll see if he finds me this way. It's in the stars!cloud 9

(I'm not too old fashioned to write him if he just doesn't notice me here! BOL)