New Abssinians

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Stealing home &- stealing hearts
Purred: Wed Oct 7, '09 10:43am PST 
I just joined with my adopted sister Angel! Yay for more Abys!


I see what you- did there
Purred: Wed Oct 7, '09 10:45am PST 
Hello, I'm Angel. I'm a rescue Aby and I only have one eye, but that's okay.


I am Goddess...- 5000 years of- devotion
Purred: Mon Oct 19, '09 8:34am PST 
it's nice to find some other 'aby's' out there in the world!! I live with my 'little' bengal sister. You guys are all so gorgeous. Makes me happy to be an aby too!

Mintea- Applecrisp

Purred: Thu Mar 27, '14 3:31pm PST 
cheer Yay! I'm happy to find other Abyssinians like myself! hi5 Let me know if you wanna be friends big grin

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