When is your birthday?

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I'll chew on- anyone, anytime,- anywhere
Purred: Wed Feb 27, '08 6:04am PST 
Thanks for the invite Lucy!cheercheercheercheer

My birthday is Jan 19, 2007 and my forever home date is March 19, 2007snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy

You know you can use my pictures anytime--if it wasn't for you none of my pics would be festive and gorgeous--mommy is puter illerate remember??big laughbig laughbig laugh

Wuv wuv and drippy licks

Bailey the Brat!!cheercheercheer


Hunter -- The Sheriff of- Dorkytown
Purred: Thu Apr 3, '08 5:08pm PST 
Thanks for inviting me, Lucy! You sure know how to make a pup feel loved and welcome!

I was born February 15, 2007 so I just turned one year old abou two months ago.

Woofs and wags,


♥ Athens ♥

Don't Shop,- ADOPT!
Purred: Sun Oct 5, '08 7:30am PST 
Hey. My bday is today. Can you take a copy of the picture on my page and post it?


Keely (in- loving- memory)

Enjoy Life to- the fullest- everyday!!!
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 4:23pm PST 
Hi Lucy I see you have pics of Duke and Mollie on they but what about me Keely my BD is feb 12th I will be 15 years old

Rocket-FD,FD- X,FDCH,FDCH-- G, TF1

Love is what- makes life worth- living!!
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 4:24pm PST 
Lucy What about me Rocket I was 2 on Nov. 6th

Angel Moose - Forever my- Heart

I am a fighter- who loves to- live life!
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 6:36pm PST 
Hi, Lucy! What a great group! We don't know my birthday, so mom uses my anniversary date of March 14th. Since I was around 2 when I came home in 2003, We'll call it 3/14/2001.

The stupid cat was also adopted, and was about 8 - 10 weeks old when mom got her in February or March so we call her birthday 1/1/1998.

Herky (May- 17, 2007 - June 8,

Sweet Angel Pup,- Gone too Soon :(
Purred: Thu Nov 20, '08 3:24pm PST 
My birthday is May 17, 2007. cheercheer

And yes, you may use my photos.


Big Lovable- Goof!
Purred: Thu Nov 20, '08 3:25pm PST 
My adoption date is October 10, 2007. But I was 1-2 years old at that time...so who knows how old I really am!


life's 2- choices- swim..retrieve
Purred: Fri Nov 21, '08 6:46am PST 
Lucy Great Group!!
My birthday is may 23, 2004. I will be 5 next year, although I still act like I am 2. BOL

You can use any of my pictures ANYTIME. your work is so awesome. Mom could never do it as nice. so take what you want!!!!


You can never- ignore me
Purred: Tue Nov 25, '08 11:14pm PST 
My birthday is October 15. I was 3 this year, and I had a wonderful party at home and a wonderful party on dogster. Birthdays are fun!! partyparty

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