Favorite critter.......

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Okay! Its simple I promise! All you have to do is say wich critter you love to cahse and why! Have fun!!!
My favorite critter is the little brown birds because They hop on the groun a lot so i sneek up on them and know where they are!laugh out loud Hee hee hee! Umm...I have never caught one yet though.red face


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Hi Muffin wavewave

I like to chase squirrels. They are always running around my yard without even asking me first. They sure do run fast shockshock Someday I am going learn how to get up the big tree and then those squirrels better watch out winkwink

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My favorite is Lizzards I try to catch them all the time..We have lots in my yard here in Florida...


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I love to chase everything but my favorite is squirrels. They are big jerks. My mama keeps feeding them thoughshock


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wave Hello everyone. Well I have a couple of critters I love to chase, one is squirrels and the second is rabbits. Rabbits are always in my yard. I just love to chase them. They leave rabbit raisins too. Those are my favorite treats. Yummy Yummy. Squirrels come in the yard sometimes, but we don't have any trees in the backyard, but when they come in the yard I love to chase them. I never caught a rabbit or squirrels. I hope some day I do. Take care everyone. wavewave


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wave This is my first post in this group!

I love chasing grasshoppers in the summer time. We don't have a lot of wild animals were I live, except for deer which I never see because they come out in the early morning. I've also been known to try and chase bumble bees, which was not a bright idea on my part red face