Thanks for inviting me, Muffin!!


Hulamoon born in- June loves to be- awake
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '08 4:37pm PST 
Thanks for inviting me, Muffin-I hope we can have lots of fun together snoopy


Bellabellabobell- abanananananobel- la
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '08 4:39pm PST 
Thanks for inviting me too!!! Love, Bellacheer

Minster Jr.

Purred: Mon Jan 14, '08 12:38pm PST 
Thanks for posing in another group about this group I like what I see so farway to go


Gimme a cookie - NOW!
Purred: Tue Jan 15, '08 11:36am PST 
Hi Muffin, Thanks for inviting me also! I look forward to making lots of new pup pals! wavewavewave