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Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '08 7:28pm PST 
If you are COTW please feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself. I always like getting to know my furriends better!

Also, if you were COTW before now and would like to tell us a little bit about yourself too, please feel free! I will be posting banners for all our winners in here too.


Clyde D. Cat

I'm a mommas boy- , so what?
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '08 10:59am PST 
We are still kind of new here. what is cat of the week? is it a group?confused

Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '08 4:24pm PST 
Efurry week (usually on Tuesday) I pick a group member and that member becomes Cat of The Week. They are our special honored furriend for that week. I make their picture our group Logo, and I will make them a special banner for them to put on their page. It's all furry random, so you nefur know when you will be chosen! cheer

Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 10:16am PST 
Here are the banners for the current COTW and also the previous COTWs. Copy and Paste the URLs into your browser:

Here you go Bennie! t_of_the_week_bennie.jpg

Albert: lbums/p201/Phiney-Offers/catster/cat_of_the_week_albert.jpg

Humph rey: r/cat_of_the_week_hlh.jpg

Tessa: lbums/p201/Phiney-Offers/catster/cat_of_the_week_tessa.jpg

Micino : at_of_the_week_micino.jpg

Concatulations to efurrypawdy who has been Cat Of The Week! Please feel free to use this thread to tell us a little bit about mewrselves.

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Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 10:20am PST 
Ok, this is frustrating! It's telling me the pages cannot be found!

Here's what I'm going to do. On the furront page of the group there is a section for links. I am going to put the links to mewr banners there. thinking Hopefully that will work!


Purred: Thu Jan 24, '08 11:50am PST 
applause I am honored to be your COTW for this week.
I am a 12 year old, chubby, orange cat, who lives in Washington state where we currently have a whole lot of snow! I am an only cat and its going to stay that way! I dont get along with kids either. I am, however, very loving to those I love. I play the piano, eat a lot, and ignore the odd mouse that wanders through. I have a girlfriend on Catster, a lovely black kitty lady named Emma Barrett who is my valentine all year long. I invite you to come visit me on my page (excuse my music box it is on the fritz right now). And I invite you to come join my group Tall Cat Tales if you enjoy a good story, either writing it or hearing it, or if you like rhymes and other kinds of word play. Actually you can join my group anyway because you are welcome there!
I must add that I really do enjoy this group and meeting all these new cats! Thanks for naming me your COTW

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Big Bad Fluffy- Pants!
Purred: Tue Feb 19, '08 6:18pm PST 
Yay!!! I am COTW fur my new cool, fun group!!!
Thank you soooo much everykit fur the honor!!

About me:
I am an only kitty. I have a doggie, but he is so small, he hardly counts.
I just moved to Spain with my daddy, and we are awaiting mama's arrival on Feb 26. I have not seen her since Jan 8th!!!!! :0(
I met Humphrey Lee Haunted in TallCatTales, and he invited me to this group.
I LOVE the dog/cat trivia games in the threads!! Purrr!!

My interests are :
Harry Potter, Anaheim Ducks (hockey), sticks with strings on the end, and ribbon when I can get to it. YUM.

I love groups where I can meet doggie furriends too! Purrs to you all~

Roger Bleu

I AM The Top Cat- In Our Home!
Purred: Tue Feb 19, '08 9:02pm PST 
Congratulations, sir! Oooh I love ribbon too! Mew make a wonderful COTW!

cloud 9

Kinsey ~- sweet angel- girl

So- cute,- right?
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 2:49pm PST 
Well, I'm so honored to be chosen cat of the week this week! wave

Let's see, some things about me: those who know me already know we are crazy Stargate fans wink and I was named after the main character in the Sue Grafton books. What else? I have a special hiding place, in the cupboard above the refrigerator - don't tell mommy!!

Oh, a few years ago we lived in this trailer and it was easy for me to sneak out! So I would go and bring back presents for mommy! I brought her mice, of course, a shrew, and a frog!! She liked the frog best cuz she jumped up and down when she saw it, mol!! laugh out loud

Thanks again for the honor, very cool! way to go



Big Bad Fluffy- Pants!
Purred: Wed Feb 27, '08 12:51pm PST 
Kinsey! You are so pawsome! We are a big Stargate family. Daddy is obsessed! MOL- I don't think I would know what a shrew was, even if I stepped on it.
Concats on CotW!cheer

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