Purrs for my sister Sooty, and also invited my brother Stargazer


Purred: Wed Jan 2, '08 10:45pm PST 
Hi - sorry we've been very inactive, our meowmie has been going to school to be a "V-E-T Tech" she says...Stargazer says that spells vet - scary! Anyways she's been very busy recently and hasn't been doing well at giving us our computer time!

I've invited 2 of my siblings to join - one is Stargazer who was diagnosed in October as being in the early stages of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This is when the walls of the heart thicken over time, eventually leading to heart failure as the chambers can no longer hold or pump blood. It can cause exercise intolerance and breathing and circulation problems. He has an irregular arrythmia that the vet noticed and made him take alot of tests - but otherwise he's still super active and asymptomatic, but he has to have his heart rechecked regularly to monitor any changes.

My sister, Sooty, has the same mouth problem as me, Stomatitis, and had to have all her teeth removed as well. She also has seasonal skin allergies that makes her lose alot of the hair on her back for a couple weeks in spring and fall, but it doesn't bother her and grows back well.

Right now though Sooty has a more serious problem. My meowmie and dad went to visit her parents for a few days over the holidays - and we are usually used to having them gone for a couple days since they travel in the summer. We had one of their friends who visited with us and gave us canned food and stuff while they were gone. Sooty seems to have gotten very depressed, and despite usually LOVING her food she stopped eating completely. When my meowmie got back a few days after she left she noticed that Sooty was crying alot and had lost a more weight (she had lost a LITTLE bit of weight since she was at the vet in October, but she had quite a bit more in a few days). She offered Sooty her normal canned food and was worried when she refused to eat it. So she got baby food, other canned foods, catmilk, nutrical, etc and tried to get her to eat. but Sooty would only lick at it once to try and appease meowmie's requests to eat and refused to touch it. Last night she started looking a little yellow, and my meowmie recognized that from other shelter cats, so this morning she took her into an emergency appointment at our vet, who confirmed advanced hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver). Sooty has to stay at the vet for at least a few days, maybe longer on an IV and medications, while they try and fix her liver and get her to eat. Normally there is a 70-90% recovery rate if treated aggressively, but our vet seemed to be very guarded about Sooty's prognosis. She promised to call meowmie if it seemed like Sooty was not improving or if she was getting worse so that a decision could be made to not prolong unnecessary suffering. My meowmie is very worried about Sooty - this is the first time she's had to actually leave any of us overnight - much less for several days. We hope Sooty will get better, though we still aren't positive why she stopped eating - all her other test results looked ok.

Anyways, sorry that was so long, but my meowmie had to talk/write about it somewhere...please send purrs to Sooty so that she knows we are all thinking about her.

Purrs to all you wonderful kitties and your families!