Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
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Lord Opie the Innocent here.
Well. Boy, do I have news! Certain cats (not me, I assure you) went on a nightly spree of magnitudinous vandalism upon Christmas stuff!) I shall report these crimes, not mentioning any names. First crime: Violett the Battecat (the ring-leader, no doubt, as some of yalls may recal her vivid criminal past) actually CLUMB one ot the household Christmas trees! We have three--a small-ish one, a sorta medium one, and a tall-ish one. She of course chose the tall one and left branches and light sstrewn all about the floor! Don't even ask about the ornaments--they lay pitifully in thrillions of pieces below the tree. Joe Thunderbear told on her.
Second crime: Joe Thunderbear attacked TWO Christmas presents, tearing the paper to shreads and living mangles of ribbon all over the floor. Itty told on him.
Third crime: Itty Bitty (Martha Anne) got up on the counter (a huge no-no in itself) and tore into a pumpkin pie, leaving clumps of pie flung about and she even thrung pie crust on the floor!shockshock
China told on her.
Fourth crime: China Thunderbear grabbed a whole garland that was decorating the entryway and thoroughy played with it. No one needed to tell on her as her furr was full of bits of garland. (Violett sat over in the corner and smirked, however.)
Mommi arose at her usual ungodly hour at the crack of dawn and beheld the unholy carnage. Now, Mommi is usually good-natured (big laughbig laugh), and, interestingly, there were not cats to be found.
I will report news throuought the day as it develops.-----O. Thunderbear, Ace Reporter, the Daiy Tattle-rag

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D-Max...In- Loving- Memory

One Eyed Wonder
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My next to last christmas Mom put her nativity scene on the top of the entertaiment center..She lovingly arranged it and placed her 3 wise men that she has had since she was a teenager(many years ago) walking toward the stable...Not too bright on her part because the entertainment center was right beside our cat hammock at our window that we sat in and watched the birdies...

During the night we decided to walk across the entertanment center to look out the other window...Easier than jumping down and walking across the floor...When Mom came downstairs the next morning one of the camels was missing a leg and the poor thing was laying on his side with the Wiseman still on his back..Mom had to crawl around the floor to find the leg which one of us had batted around...

Pops was able to glue it back together and we never told Mom which one of us did it..But I will tell you now..It was my clumsy brother Midnight Son!!! I would never had done anything like that....

Midnight Son

The Supreme- Grandmaster- Pukemeister
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I feel that I have to defend myself here...It was not me that knocked the Wise man down...It was my brother D-Max..Just because he is at the meadow now does not mean I have to be blamed for eveything that happened....

Well maybe it was me...Maybe it was him..I will never tell..Mom will never know for certain who it was....

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
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Well, Midnight-Son, it is not good to have someone be blamatory to you.I MYSELF am wondering, just a bit,and am a little dubious about the perpirator in yalls crime....thinkingthinking


Speed Racer
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Hmmmm. You seem to have wrought havock on all things Christmas. Mommie sez you'd better watch out or Santa won't come and leave you any toys. We, on the other paw, have been very good. Which is why we were shocked when mommie snatched us up and took us to the V.E.T. and had her look in our ears and eyes and stuff and give us SHOTS! shock We are now feeling poorly and mommie is feeling guilty. (HA!)