The Tea House--NAME CHANGE and a GAME!

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Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:34am PST 
Mommi has been up since the crack of dawn and for some reason (we think it is *laziness*) decided to send me TO WORK (I guess for my room and board) on the following:
We have decided to change the name of our Cat-Nip tea establishment to: big grin: The Cat-Nip Tea Room--Loitering Encouraged!). Now, as for a game---let's name all things pertaining to the Holidays alphabetically (we borrowed this idea from Scrappy)---I shall begin.....*AHEM*----: "A" is for Apple pie and strudle, (as for being dictated to by a Mommi, who is mostly German, we somehow think her spelling of "strudle" is incorrect), AND for the apples the humans seem prone to placing in Holiday stockings.....(unless one is receiving COAL ....eek this will no doubt pertain to Violett the tree-climbing Battlecat, and not for me, as I have been extra, extra good---I even sleep on the Holy Bible...for real! Mommi says it is just because the three books arranged on her table by her chair have the Holy Bible on top and I rest there for convenience sake----*hmph*! just look at the face on my pic----is this not the face of an innocent creature?) O.K.--next cat---B is for...


What Big Eyes- You Have!
Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:21pm PST 
"B" is for in "Silver Bells" (Mom's favorite Christmas song!)


Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:22pm PST 
"C" is for Christmas cookies...or preferably CATNIP Christmas cookies!!!

Mr. Spot

Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:23pm PST 
"D" is for in "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"...only I'm really NOT, because since I'm the barn kitty, I really don't want it to snow me in!!!

Floosie,- Rest in- Peace, sweet-

I may be little,- but I'm tough!
Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 5:24pm PST 
"E" is for eggnog!!! (preferably laced with catnip!!!!)


Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 8:22pm PST 
F is for fireplace with an open fire where we can roast out catnip nuts.

Smookie (at- Rainbow- Bridge)

I love you, I- love you, I love- you, ....
Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 8:23pm PST 
G is for Garland which we usually have strung with lights around the living room.


Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 8:49pm PST 
H is for is for Halls that are decked

Spot Scott

Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 8:52pm PST 
I is for Icicles hanging on the tree.

Yellow Simon

Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 8:54pm PST 
J is for Jelly-- like Santa's belly-- a bowl full laugh out loud

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