mommie hissing cause I get more cards than her


Miss Cindy Love- of my life and- wife
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 1:43pm PST 
mommie says her get one Christmas card and we get three. She say she better watch us at night as we may be using the puter.. hehehehee laugh out loudlaugh out loud

China- Thunderbear

Little Tasmanian- Devil
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big laughbig laughbig laugh-----well, tell 'er this, you are a popular cat!cheercheer----we've got to start stringin' up the cards too-----Ro usually does all this Yuletide stuff----and we are remodeling the house IN THE WINTER!!!!------Ro wants to put in a double door in the kitchen, and Mommi sez to her she sez, "Can we not wait 'til the end of March?????" (*crimony*)
Then Ro sez to Mommi "I can get us an electric fireplace to put here in place of this gas stove"...eekeekMommi sez, oh lord, don't start messin' with the gas...


The Wanderer
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 5:48pm PST 
No, it is a gas fireplace in place of the gas stove-- and she only wants to cut the hole out for the door--and leave it without the door until march--

laugh out loud

At least that is what will happen if her silly brother John does the work-- He is a little like APJ-- He'll do, but he won't do right--
oops-- did I just say that?

Or is it "He does darned good work when y ou can get him to work?'--
Nope, that is not APJ-- hehehe MOL-- he never worksbig laugh


Speed Racer
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We got one card each but we have a pressie and mommie doesn't! Maybe Santa found out she skipped our Fancy Feast a few times and will leave her some coal! shock