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Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 6:49am PST 
Well, we are indeed getting ice, but it is nothing like last year. Seems it'll warm up some and become rain, then cool down and *ice* again!) I have figgered out that the reason I do not tolerate ice and snow is that they are MADE OF WATER!!shockthinkingthinking That is fine, I will stay away from the stuff and hope it will not come thru the door or wall inside the cabin! In other news, Mommie is reading like a fiend on 8 books on the "advice" of her father, a 77-year old air force nuclear missile specialist (now retired), and tho Mommi *sighs* re this, she wants to please him in his old-age. -----lessee, yesterday we had roast beast and I will not touch it, however I snagged a piece of ham from Mommi at lunch. She cannot resist the Big Eyes and my "head-tilt" from my brain abcess a couple years ago.
Last bit of news---it seems as tho my brother Opie Thunderbear and my grrrlfriend Violett the Battlecat are eyeing one another in secret amorous ways. I will leap on him today and fix up this matter right quick!shhthinkingshh. He does not know that I know and I think SHE thinks I do not know she knows that I know.
How's yalls weather and what's happening?----------King Joe the Great (APJ)dancing


Speed Racer
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 5:14am PST 
Tuesday weather. After a cool 50 degree, foggy day yesterday, today will be in the 70s! shock Wednesday will be in the 40s again as the front will be completely through our area. Sleigh ride anyone? wink We hope the ice isn't breaking all the trees again up there. The pictures on mommie's TV really bad. Stay warm.


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Tuesday and very cold here. Snowing now but calling for rain then turning to sleet and a possible ice storm mommie says she staying in today.eek

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Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 11:31am PST 
eekeek----oh, Scrappy, yalls be very careful now---this time we had a "mild" ice storm, but we hear they're really gonna get it in next couple days to the north and east! We are stocking up on holiday foods; had to have the floor in the utility room rebuilt in the cabin and then when Mommi tried to do a load of laundry, the floor all flooded!eek ---SO, that situation was repaired, and, we tells yous, o' course it HAS to happen on an icy, foggy, thoroughly miserable day-----But, as Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel saithshocksmile "This is the way of things"! So, yalls be careful......PS: APJ was inducted without warning to be an administrator of another group, so he happily agreed (there he was, on the admin page!) --------they need help now, due to extra-busy-ness........bye for now, Vi.


Miss Cindy Love- of my life and- wife
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any time you want help , mom say to holler.. meowwizyyyyyyyyyyy