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Mr. Stoke

I try so hard to- be a good kitty!
Purred: Tue Dec 4, '07 7:35pm PST 
Just like that wonderful song from the King and I! If you're new (or old), please do tell us the following five things about yourself; we'd like to get to know you better!

1. Your birthday (so we can add it to our list!)
2. Your favorite place to recline and rest
3. Something naughty you've done lately
4. Your special/hidden talent
5. Why you love being grey!

Here's mine:
1. My birthday is (appoximately) December 15
2. I love to sleep on the mantlepiece; I like high places.
3. I snuck outside when my brother was let out last week, and I didn't like it one bit! I'm supposed to be indoors-only.
4. I drink sweet tea with my paws.
5. I personally find being grey to be very fashionable; I go with any decor, and I look very sleek!

Let the fun begin! I do hope you will p-mail each other if you see something interested and make some new friends.


Cuddling is what- I do best
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 4:31am PST 
Mr. Stoke this is an excellent idea, I just love it. I may be an old member but I am going to write a little bit about myself. I encourage all kitties to do this especially new ones.

1. My birthday is already on the list but it just passed only a week ago.
2. My favorite reclining place is on moms lap.
3. I was naughty last week when mom put the christmas tree up and I ate some of the artificial bristles. Then I got sick.
4. My special hidden talent is that I sing with Dad. He will start and let me finish the song.
5. I love being grey because we get this awesome group and because like Mr. Stoke said I match almost everything. I also look modern. Who could not love being grey.


Born to be Wild
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 5:07am PST 
Hey everyone! I'm new to the group--my name's Rocky.
1. My birthday is around July 15.
2. My favorite resting spot is anywhere my mom is--usually on her chest or tummy.
3. I'm a good boy and so I'm not naughty very often--but sometimes I'll jump into the shower while my mom is in there just so that she has to cuddle me in a towel and dry me off.
4. I'm pretty little--so my talents haven't begun to show yet--but I do play fetch very well.
5. I love being grey because everyone always tells me how pretty I am! I also find that all my shoes match well.

Little Miss- Stank

Gimme some pets!
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 5:09am PST 
Meow! Here's mine:

1. My birthday is December 15.
2. I love to sleep on the back of the sofa, or in my blanket "nest" that my dad made for me on the spare room bed.
3. When my brother Reese got scared the other day, I grabbed my opportunity for revenge and chased him down, and popped him in the head several times. I thought mum and dad would be mad, but they laughed. Apparently seeing a little 8 lbs girl smack a huge 20 lbs orangie was impressive.
4. I make the best biscuits of all the kitties in my house, and I'm the sweetest.
5. I'm not solid grey - I'm a lovely dilute calico, and some of my fur looks pink! I think it's just right for my personality.

Little Bit (Mrs. PURRince)

Me-Too Kitty
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 7:33am PST 
Thank you for inviting me to join the group Mr. Stoke! By way of introduction, here are a few facts about me:

1. May 1 is my birthday
2. One of my favorite places to sleep is Mom & Dad's bed - especially after dad has done laundry - he leaves her clean clothes on the bed and I like to sleep on mom's underwear laugh out loud
3. Something naughty? Me??? Well.... we just got this Cat Fence in the backyard and on the first day Chai tugged a piece of it loose and I got out!!
4. My special talent is that I am an excellent shopper. Chai and I give Xmas goodie bags to our aunties and uncles and they are so impressed with our selections!
5. I love being gray because Gray is the new Black!


Purring Girl
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 4:03pm PST 
oh this is so fun! Greyt idea *giggle* Mr. Stoke! laugh out loud

1. My birthday is April 16th.

2. My favorite place to rest is wherever either Momma or Daddy is. I love laying on Momma in the middle of the night & kneading her arm, or belly...or sometimes the bed!

3. Daddy says I don't do nothing wrong! laugh out loud But, Momma is telling this story. She was dusting the stairway one day & lifted the things they have blocking the openings (so we won't go thru) and I snuck thru & out onto the ledge overlooking the front entryway. I thought Momma was gonna have a cow. She had to lean over the edge & pick me up! I thought I was having fun sitting out there.

4. My special talent is that I can just sit & look pretty! MOL
Actually I can pick up my food or small toys with my paw.

5. I love being grey because I can be in this great group & that other than my brother Rudy, I look different than my other brothers! oh, and it makes my "socks" stand out more!


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I'm a needy boy!
Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 4:09pm PST 
I don't know why Maggie always gets to go first, guess 'cause she's the only girl! thinking

1. My birthday is also April 16th.

2. My favorite place to rest is usually close to momma or daddy or else close to one of my brothers. Ok, or Maggie.

3. Naughty? hmmm...I'd have to think about that. I do like to get into everything. Nobody can leave anything just laying around, I'll get into it, whether it's food or whatever. Once I tried drinking some of Daddy's milk. laugh out loud

4. I'm pretty good at playing fetch...and bringing the toy back, too. oh and jumping onto high places from standing still.

5. I like being grey, like Maggie said, 'cause we're different than our brothers. Even though me & Maggie are the same color, we look different, mostly 'cause she gots long hair & I have stripes! Not to mention the M on my head!

♥ - Looie Weaver-

Don\'t call me- RUNT!
Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 1:27am PST 
1. My birthday is February 1, 1999.
2. My favorite place to sleep is on a chair that has a pillow, by the sunny window.
3. The naughtiest this I do is if the catbox isn't perfect I will do my thing on a rug!
4. My special talent is giving love eyes.
5. I love being gray because Mom says I am spectacular.

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♥- Timmy - ♥

Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 1:31am PST 
1. My birthday is April 1, 2000.
2. I love to sleep under the table on the chair cushion.
3. The only naughty thing I do is, I open cabinet doors and sleep in the big frying pan.
4.My special talent is that I am an expert mouse catcher/killer!
5. I love being gray because Gray is just naturally beautiful.


Here I am!
Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 10:03am PST 
Hi everyone! I just joined this wonderful group-thanks for the invitation. About me:
1. My birthday is celebrated on Oct. 1 since we don't really know when my mother actually birthed me.

2. I have several key spots where I like to rest. One is on the chaise lounge which has a great view out the window. The second is in my bed on top of the refrigerator.

3. I am naughty almost always! This morning I was chewing on an electrical cord AND digging through the recycling bin.

4. My special talent is I can get humans to do what I want by being extra cute-turning on the purring, kissing and head butts gets them every time!

5. I love being grey because it makes my belly look slimmer-okay maybe not but it's a great color!

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