Out of the "DOG House" and in to the "CAT House"

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 5:02am PST 
big laughbig laughlaugh out loudbig laugh So, as some of yous may know (and who wouldn't, it was blasted all over the universe!laugh out loudthere was a "turkey incident" involving Joe Thunderbear (aka APJ or "Hmph-Cat") Anyhowhoo, Mommi got to thinkin' (and when Mommi starts a thinkin', Everyone Had Better Watch Out!)shock
SO, she started looking at me a little suspiciously and wondered aloud, "Could this have been a multi-cat crime?"eekeek I swear on my Thunderbabies at the Bridge, I didn't do nothin'!!shrug But, WHY was Itty hiding IF SHE WEREN'T GUILTY?? HMMMMM?
Now *ahem* I did once again climb up way high up a tree last night (I admit I have done this twice in one week), and I was so high up there I don't even know how high up I was. The wind was a 'blowin' and it was cold and started to commence rainin', and Holy Ned I realized I was in one *hmph* of a fix! Mommi came out and said in her "Sweet Violett" voice:
"Come down, Sweetie etc." And the branches were a'swayin' and so Ro got out the ladder, and of course Ro had all manner of problems making it longer-- Mommi kept crooning and the wind was blowin' and it was misting rain and cold and it was scene of biblical proportions!" Finally, I inched my way down (it was dark,too! ) and Mommi kept encouraging me and when I got to the part where Ro and the ladder was, Mommi sez to Ro she sez, "grab 'er"!) Mind you I was up a DIFFERENT tree then, er....not the one a few days ago, and there was- a privacy fence and large dog barking as well, like last time. The good man took his dog inside.....Mommi says I will NOT go outside again, ever, unless on harness or kitty carriage. *hmph* I still wanna know why Itty hid in the shoe closet when it was Joe who committed the Turkey Crime.........Suspiciously, Violett the Battlecatthinkingthinkingthinking

Itty Bitty- Kitty- (Martha- Anne)

Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 9:43pm PST 
Well you silly little tree climber-- if you must know, I was hiding in the closet to keep APJ from having his usual place of safety--- and would have to find a new one.....hailbig laughbig laughbig laugh

If I had eaten the turkey on the counter I would have said so---unlike certain boy cats who try to play innocent....In fact, since I am such a dainty eater-- I would never try to take a bite from something that was the size of a football...

So, little missy prissy Violett-- before you start blaming me about APJ's follies-- perhaps you should try telling everyone how you cried and cried for Mommi from your stupid hiding place up in that big tree--- talk about a crybaby!!!!

and... I might also add that you, Violett, seemed to be HIDING your own darned self-- maybe YOU were all up in the Turkey and tried to frame APJ-- now that is an interesting question=-=don't you think?

Why were you hiding if you didn't have a part in this whole big stealing of the turkey.

Very suspiciously,