Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Thu Nov 29, '07 6:16am PST 
Well, I just cannnot believe this---Mommi seems to have run out of Fancy Feast, not to mention 9-Lives soft food, and now I am forced to subsist on salmon and milk, and those dern kitty kibbleseek The salmon I can sorta stand, but TUNA it's NOT!!!shrug
Anyways, today it is and will remain cold, and I do not understand why Mommi will not take me outside in my harness and let me explore. I have never been cold before, but I suspect that at any moment that white stuff might start falling from the sky, and this is something I will not put up with. I have seen cats and people trudge through it, and they become fluffy and white, but I cannot figure out how they remove it from their bodies! Opie Thunderbear (he is my half-brother as some of yous may know) seems to think he knows an awful lot about everything, INCLUDING the weather, and he insists it will just be cold and sunny. I think he is full of beans.
In other news, we had a sorta ok Thanksgiving, altho Mommi's sister could not come down from Chicago and this disappointed all of us (we like Mommi's sister, whose name is Vikita, or Kee for short)
In international news, we have no idea what is going on, but it seems to be too horrible to watch anyway.
What is going in in yalls neck of the woods?--
Joe Thunderbear, ace reporter, the Weekly Tattle-Rag
PS: Opie thunderbear is a nincompoopdancingdancingwink


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This is Praline, star reporteresse for Belgium !
Momzie is home, her has a cold and sounds like a froggie when her tries to speak
Patts turned 11 today, her is on old lady now (he he)
I still in looo--oooooof wif Nelson, him is my brofurr and I adore him
I also start to allow my momzie to pet me, and when she duz, I purrie loudly
Momzie discofurred AMAZON.COM and is completely smitten; her can now send gifties to her friends in the US of A without having to pay BIG bukceroos fur shiping; which is kewl.
Slightly cold here, windy and rainy
Momzies black eye is healing nicely : it is now yellow and greenish
Momzie plucked a poo berry from my bum, luckily for her it was a DRY onesnoopysnoopy
Nelson did BIG/HUGE nr 2's and THUNDERED through the house, I guess him was happy to haf lost the extra weight wink
That's it fer now, Momzie home from work till monday
Y A Y !
Grammie cooks for momzie and brings her (and us) nice fewd !
That darn white/orange kittie is still in our garden! Him is a poor guy, him has no home, so momzie gifs him food and him is allowed to sleep in our small garden barn, when it gets colder, she'll gif him some bokses and papers and a blankie to sleep, but at least him is out of the rain and the cold
MOmzie still has orange hair with a white streak in it
Hokay ! thats all for the Belgian Nioews
Leens, over and out

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
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shockthinking We think Praline will eventually adjust----as for your Momzie's cold, are you sure it is not the influenza, as our Mommi contracted? (She went to hospital and left us ALONE --*hmph*-----)ooooh---hode on, fone-----'k bak now---OH! Invite someone to our group, that way we will get the blue sentence for ANYONE to join!-----------Your Friends, the Fabulous Thunderbears an Cococheer

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The First True- Battlecat
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This is very sad about the poor orange kitty---frown


Speed Racer
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It was a "Beautiful Day in KAKEland!" (that was what they used to say on the TV station in the town where mommie grew up) Nice and sunny and cool. Mommie, however, was inside at work all day. frown Now, what's with the sick mommies? I hope they both are getting better. TBears, keep your mommie warm and bring her liquids to drink. You do the same, Leens. (Happy Birthday, Patts!)

Itty Bitty- Kitty- (Martha- Anne)

Purred: Thu Nov 29, '07 9:11pm PST 
Hi Everybody!!!

I am so glad to have a place where it is actually legal to thunder through the house!!! --Mommies does not know it yet, but right after she went to sleep I jumped up on her bed and wandered around--- trying to see if she would share a pillow-- but then I got scared because she only lets Vi and APJ sleep on her bed and share her pillows-- Since I am Ro's kitty I must usually sleep in her room-- but (hehehe) tonight when I got too afraid to be up on mommies bed-- I went thundering from one end to the other-- jumped off and proceeded to thunder until I got clear to the other end of the house.

Leens-- I am so glad that you guys are here now-- and Annie and Bart and all the other kitties!!!!!!!

Leens-- I am so glad that your grammie brings food to you mommzies when she is sick-- Our granny sends mommie sweet cards in the mail-- she even sends them to Ro sometimes when Ro is sick--since Ro does not have a mommy anymore.

I am glad that the big orange kitty has a place to stay warm-- is it Simon?? He ran away from here, you know--- did he stowaway and come to Belgium to live with yous guyz?????? hmmmmm---????

Mommy and Ro think that Yellow Simon probably died last summer during the heat wave-- but I suspect that he is living in your garage---

At any rate-- be it Simon or some other big yellow guy--We are all so glad that your mommiez helps him eat and stay warm--

Gotta go do some more thundering--- it is getting entirely too quiet around here.