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Interview with Kinsey...

1. You like to be carried around by your mom - where do you like to have her take you?

I love to be carried around anywhere in the house. I like to look down at the dog and go "na na na na" (hee hee). But I won't let her carry me outside, cuz it's scary out there! I've been out a couple of times on my own, so I know! Inside the house is way better!!

2. You seem to be good at helping your mom write stories. What type of story are you and your mom working on right now?

Mommy and me are working on a mystery novel! I tried to convince her to make the hero a cat like me, but she says that's already been done! So the main character in our story is a woman, kinda like mommy, who is deaf. I think it's an interesting hook, don't you?

3. Your name came from myster novels, are you a very mysterious cat?

I am most certainly a mysterious cat - aren't we all? I have great places to hide in the house where mommy can't find me, hee hee!

4. You love your bed, but for a while your doggie was hogging it - what did you do when the dog was sleeping in it?

Well, don't tell the dog, but I would *pretend* I didn't really care if she was in my bed. But, I really did care, and the second she got out of it, I jumped right in!!

5. The holidays are here - what are your favorite things about this time of year?

I don't like Thanksgiving so much cuz mommy usually goes to her sister's house. She doesn't take me along cuz I don't like to ride in the car!! But I get extra treats when she gets home, so I guess that makes up for missing her while she's gone. smile

HOWEVER, any day now, mommy will put up my special tree! She puts it up every year, just for me!! It's tall and green and has twinkly lights and lots of fun toys on it for me to play with! It's funny though, why does she put up this tree just for me, and then scold me for climbing it? Mommies are strange sometimes...

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Interview with Cruize

1. You are very in tune with your humans, and seem to understand them very well. What are some of the things that you do when asked?

Well I do a couple tricks that my mommy taught me...I can sit, beg, shake paws, and sometimes I'll lay. I also go straight to bed at night when my mommy says time for nunnies Cruize...i sleep right beside her everynight. My mommy and I are connected...I was drawn to her when I was a stray! But I listen pretty well for a cat...when I want to! MOL.

2. I love your name, how did your mommy come up with it?

I'm actually named after Tom Cruise...My full name is Cruize Tomas Herron....My mommy has always thought Tom Cruise is cute and one of her favorite movies is Top Gun which she says was his best movie even tho he is crazy now she likes him when he played in Top Gun MOL. But she thought it suited me and she changed the S to a Z to make me cooler and to make it more my own name!

3. You have a great arrival story, did you pick your home because you knew there was a cat lover living there?

I was drawn to my mommy..she is special...she has a bond and understanding of cats like no one else. She is kinda the modern day Catwoman...mol...We are very in tune and its almost like we can hear each others thoughts...and she likes to think that I was a Christmas present from her Dad that had passed away when she was little...either way I'm right where I belong.

4. What do you look forward to most during the holidays?

HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mol....I love ham!!!!! We have ham for Christmas every year because me and mommy love it!! And I also like opening my presents on Christmas! My mommy helps me but I don't care I just wanna peek in to see whats wrapped up! I hope it's treats!! mol...

5. You had a Birthday recently - did you get the ham you were hoping for? Did you get any nice gifts?

Yes I did get my ham!!!!!!!!! It was awesome and it was made just for my birthday!!!!!!!!! I also got some more treats and a couple toys...but I don't care for toys that much so I don't get a lot of those but I love treats!!

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Interview with Elijah Featherbone

1. You are a very strong kitty! You survived a coyote attack! Can you tell us more about it?

Usually I would've never been allowed outside and my meowmy is very careful about keeping all the doors shut, but on that particular night she was at a party, and because the other people she lives with aren't as careful about keeping me inside--I got out! The reason why it is imperative that I DO NOT get out is because coyotes are known to come right into our back yard probably looking to make an easy meal of a naive housecat. My meowmy doesn't know exactly how I got away, but the next morning she found me curled up on my favorite chair, however, when she picked me up to give me a kiss she got the shock of her life. My left eyes was shut and oozing with blood, there was a bite wound on my back. my meowmy thought I was dead at first because I was so limp, but when she looked closer she saw that I was breathing. She rushed me to the vet and the veterinarian confirmed that my wounds had come from a large animal biting my face and then biting my back. My meowmy knew it was a coyote because no large dogs (or other large animals) live near us. The next few weeks I was taken to the vet almost every day and I had to take alot of medicine for the pain and so my eye didn't get infected. I guess it must've worked because here I am now, in prime purring condition!

2. I love your name, how did you get it?

The day my meowmy brought me home she was reading in the bible about the prophet Elijah. If you've ever read the story about Elijah you know that he was a hermit and he was fed by ravens that brought him bread.
Well later that day meowmy saw a huge flock of about 20 ravens in the road eating a loaf of bread (???) who knows how that got there! So when she was riding home in the car with me she decided to name me Elijah Featherbone, partly because of the prior events of that day, and partly because as a kitten I was so lithe and delicate that that it was like I had feathers for bones.

3. A new dog?! Tell us about this new creature that has moved in with you. Have you made friends with it?

I'm not so happy about our new "family member". I'm kind of scared of her but at the same time I want to hunt her. When I see her I sometimes make my hunting trill; for some reason this really cracks meowmy up.

4. You sound like a good car cat - do you often go places with your mommy? Where's your favorite place to go?

My favorite place to go in the car is a little duck pond that happens to be near my meowmy's favorite coffeshop. Meowmy gets some coffee and then she walks with me around the pond. There's always birds to watch there, and people who want to pet me. It's fun.

5. It's the Holiday season, what do you love most about this time of year?

My favorite thing about the holiday season? I get my own personal tree to climb!

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Interview with KC Sunshine

1. You are a playful girl, what are your favorite toys?

I love my toys! My bestest favorites are my furry mice and I have dozens and dozens of them. I carry them in my mouth and leave them everywhere. They're all over the house so whenever I want to play, there's always a mousie nearby. My next bestest favorite is my boogie mat. I love to jump on it and get underneath it and scrunch it and attack it with my rear paws. I love my catnip toys too. Secret Santa gave me catnip candy canes for Christmas and they're new favorites. It's also lots of fun playing with things that mommy says are NOT toys. MOL!

2. You gave your mom a nice Christmas present (sitting on her lap for the first time), have you done this again since then?

Nope! It was a one-time only special Christmas present. It was the first and only time I ever sat in mommy's lap. She's put me on her lap a few times since then but I don't stay put. But I'm very affectionate and whenever I can, I snuggle up close to mommy and put my head on her lap or when she's lying down, I snuggle up in her arms with my head nestled in her neck.

3. You moved in with your mom at the age of 9 - how long did it take you to adjust to your new home and new mommy?

OMC, was I ever freaked out when I arrived at my new home! No one had asked ME if I wanted a new home. I had no say at all and the whole deal was very fishy! Why was I taken from my home? Why was I here? Was it a safe place or not? Was I going to die? I immediately hid under the bed for the first several hours. But I'm a very friendly and curious (nosey) girl and after a few hours of hiding, I came out to meet my new mommy and let her pet me but mostly hid under the bed the first few days. At night I'd explore my new home. When I saw that my new mommy was feeding me every day, trying to play with me, talking very nice to me and my new home was warm and comfy and seemed safe, I began cozying up to my new mommy and doing my part to win her over. By the end of the first week mommy and I were good friends. Now I love her and she loves me.

4. You like to help your mommy on the computer, what are some of your favorite things about Catster?

Meowing and playing with my friends and making new friends. I love watching other kitties' videos.

5. You have mentioned that your sister Mittens bugs you, but do you get along with her sometimes? I saw a very cute picture of the two of you sleeping on the same bed!

Oh, that picture is a lie! Me and Mittens are sometimes next to each other but it's usually by accident, like in that picture. After a few minutes, one of us will leave the scene. One time we were even lying next to each other, side by side, on our boogie mats for a whole 15 minutes! We were so close we were almost touching. Mommy said it looked so cute and why couldn't we be close like that more often? We do fight – over who sleeps where, who eats first, who mommy pets first, who plays with what toys and who sleeps or hangs out in the cat tree or who gets to look out the back window – but we don't fight most of the time. We've learned to tolerate each other very well. Just don't look for any show of affection between us.

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Interview with Tara.

1. You seem to enjoy going outside into the garden. What are your favorite outdoor activities?

i love lying in the sun in the summer and climbing the tree in the winter

2. Your main picture is of you playing with a fuzzy collar - can you tell us a little more about it?

it belonged to lady a cat that lived with mum before me i can smell her on it and love to toast it in the air and rabbit kick it

3. You seem to play a lot of Catster games, which games are your favorites and why?

i love the city game because i can add some British cities to the mix

4. Did you come with the name Tara when your mommy adopted you, or did she name you that?

the name Tara was given to me at the shelter where i was taken after been found in a box outside a shop mum loved the name so we decided to keep it

5. What are your favorite things about Catster?

i love talking to cats allover the world and finding out how different our live are

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Interview with Chadwick

1. I love the name Chadwick, who picked it out for you and how did they come up with it?

Chadwick is just a name mom picked out because she thought, when I was a little orange ball of fur with eyes, that I held the potential to be a Chadwick. Daddy doubted, but he was wrong. I grew into the name quite well. Dont you think it suits me perfectly?

2. What are your favorite people foods and how do you let your humans know when you want some?

Oh people food, be still my taste buds! I love all kinds of fish and meat. I especially adore that tuna that comes from the can in huge flakes, and chicken and turkey. Quite honestly I'll eat about anything, but Im a carnivore through and through. Well, except for ice cream....

3. Can you tell us about your St. Francis medal?

The St. Francis Medal is to protect me and to remind me that I am a Catholic kitty and have to live up to the religion in the household. Well I do try. When I was younger I was a terrible door darter, and I would run out and hide even though Im not supposed to, and mom was worried I would get run over or mauled or something, so she got me the medal, and had it blessed, so I would have the protection of my patron saint. I dont dart anymore, I outgrew it, but I still wear my medal because you cant have too many friends in high places.

4. I know that you take piano lessons, how are those going? Do you have any favorite songs?

I love piano playing, but I dont like scales. I mostly like to improvise and play jazz. Sometimes, to make my mom happy, I'll try a little Mozart or Bach, then its back to jazz.

5. You have a beautiful gal named Emma, will you tell us all a little about her?

Oh Emma, isnt she great? She is named after Emma Barrett who is a great jazz piano virtuoso. We met on Catholic Pets, and we play together at several groups. Over Mardi Gras I made a cyber visit to her home in New Orleans....her brother came to get me in his classic plane...and we had a wonderful time. I needed to escape the snow and what a wonderful time to see Emma's part of the world. Emma is a sweet, beautiful girl who is a talented actress, and I feel very lucky that she likes me!

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Interview with Iggy...

1. You chose your humans, because the people who had you before were not taking the best care of you. How did you know that this new home was so loving?

For some reason, the people who had me first didn't want me anymore & dumped me in the neighborhood where I now live! I was scoping the area out for a day or two & stopped by the house next door, but didn't think it would work out for me there. It didn't feel warm & safe, if you know what I mean. Then I hear someone on the deck next door. I looked through the hedges & there was the tallest human I had ever seen! I was a little afraid to go over to him, so I meowed. He heard me and said "hi kitty, where did you come from". I ran right over. He played with me & petted me & then told me I had better go home. How do I get him to understand that I don't have a home? He carried me down the alley & set me on the sidewalk & he ran back to his house, but even though he has really long legs, I would run up the alley & be sitting on the deck waiting for him! We did this a couple of times & he finally said "he would tell his parents about me & see what they had to say". Oh boy, someone wants me, I hope! It had to be a family that loved kitties, because I saw two of them watching me out the windows. The lady was very nice & gave me food & water & made me a nice box with lots of warm rugs & towels. The girl liked me & wants to keep me. Then I meet the man. I'm thinking he is my way in because he looks like he has the "final word", so I need to really butter him up. The rest were going to be a piece of cake! So I just kiss this man all over his face! And I purred & purred. He laughed cause my tongue tickled him & he loved "my motor". Every time I saw him, I just smothered him in kisses & purred. He told the lady that I was a nice kitty. I had my paws crossed. I didn't dare leave that deck any longer than to "take care of business". The lady was trying to find me a home, but I wanted to stay here with them. I was beginning to love these humans & I knew they loved me by the way they talked to me, played with me, & petted me. I was on their porch now for 3 days. It was getting colder. I made sure that as soon as I heard the man come up on the deck I jumped out of the box & ran to him, rubbing around his legs until he picked me up. That day he told me that if the lady didn't find me a home by the next day, I was going inside for good. Oh boy! only one more night outside. The next morning I was all over the man before he left for the day. I was really loving everyone else up too. The man came home from work & I ran to greet him. He asked the lady if she found me a home & she shook her head "no". The man said, "ok, little guy, come on in to your new home!" He carried me in & sat me down & I just walked down the hall & started looking around! The lady showed me where the litter boxes were. This was great...2 kitties, 2 litter boxes. I knew that if a 3rd one appeared, I was home for good! I walked all over the house, checked out every room, & then walked in the living room & jumped up on the recliner & curled up! I was home, at least I certainly hoped I was! I wasn't "shooed off" the chair & this was a really good sign. And when the lady took me to where the litter boxes were again, there was the 3rd litter box. I found my furever home! The boy, J.R., named me St. Ignatius, or Iggy for short. He said "he found me, so he got to name me." I loved my new name, my new brofurs (even though Snickers didn't like me, yet), my boy, J.R., & my girl, Marisa & I had a mommy & daddy. I'm thankful everyday that J.R. was outside that day. I was now a very wanted & loved kitty & had a reason to purr!

2. When you moved in to your new home, there were two other cats already living there, how did they feel about you moving in?

There were 2 kitties living here when I moved in. Sam, a big, handsome orange Maine Coon, who was 10 years old. He welcomed me with open paws! I was curled up on the chair after exploring & he jumped up & sniffed me, licked me a little, & curled up right beside me! The lady, Sam called mommy, said "see, Sam, I told you I was going to make a kitten for you from all your fur I get when I comb you!" You know, I really think he thought I was made from his fur! We were the exact same color!
Snickers, a handsome gray Maine Coon, was not so easy to win over. He was 2 years old, & should have been the easy one, right? Wrong! He couldn't have been angrier about my moving in! He hid behind the entertainment center in the living room for 2 1/2 weeks! Marisa would take me to her room to play, so that mommy could get Snickers to eat & use the litter box. He was rather bull headed to put it mildly. Then one day, he ventured out & sniffed me a couple of times, growled & hissed, which scared me, but I didn't run away. Day by day, he got friendlier. I didn't mind cause I had Sam as my best bud. He & I were pretty much inseparable.

3. You love to sleep on the backs of chairs and couches, what sometimes happens when you are in a deep sleep?

I'm a very sound sleeper & I snore quite loud that mommy hears me over the TV! I like to sleep on the back of one of the chairs. I'll be sound asleep & all of a sudden, I'm on the floor! Mommy is trying not to laugh & wanting to make sure I'm ok. Now, I've been sleeping, so how do I know that she didn't give me a little push??? So, I just give her a look & help myself!

4. You just turned 10 years young in December, but still play like a kitten. What are some of your favorite toys?

I like to play with catnip toys that mommy gets at the Vet's. All the money goes to the local SPCA, so we always get new ones when she goes, whether we need them or not. My favorite is foam balls that are the size of a tennis ball. They are really easy to pick up in my mouth & I take them upstairs & put them in bed with mommy & daddy or line them up on the floor where mommy gets out of the bed. I got a new toy when Sassy left for NY. It's round, has a scratch pad in the middle, & a little ball that you push with your paw & it rolls around. Sassy & I took turns batting the ball to go around. I was so depressed when she left, so mommy got me one of my own hoping to get me to purrk up. It helped a lot. I run around the house like a kitten. I run up & down the steps like I'm chasing something or something is chasing me & up & down the hallway or around in a circle in the downstairs rooms. Snickers & I do chase each other too.

5. Can you tell me a little about your friend Sassy? You sounded so sad when she left. Does she come visit you often?

Sassy is actually my niece. My sister, Marisa, adopted her from the neighbor who rescued Sassy's momma last year at this time. He feeds the strays in the neighborhood & thought that he was feeding all males until he noticed one was getting fatter & fatter! She had 5 kittens, 4 survived; 2 orangies & 2 tortiseshell. Marisa had wanted a kitten for a really long time & her friends decided to adopt one too & then her kitten could stay with them when she was home from college for the Summer or on breaks. No one thought that she would be able to stay here because of you-know-who~Snickers!!!! mol Well, Snickers ended up accepting her & her sister, Snoopy! They were both staying here for awhile when Snoopy's parents had an emergency. I wasn't real happy about Snoopy. She growled & hissed at me. I never growled or hissed in my life! Then Marisa brings Sassy up to me & Sassy growled & hissed & dang! those same scary noises came out of me! For the first & last time! I scared myself so bad & I just never wanted to sound like that again.
All I wanted to do was get a good sniff of them, but they wouldn't stop growling & hissing at me! I would get so close & they would growl & hiss & I would run away! Finally Sassy decided that I might be an ok guy! We got to know each other better & I loved her to pieces . Snoopy & I got to be friends, but she had to go back to her home, so we didn't get really close. Snoopy liked being with Max more than me. Snickers of course, would walk around growling & hissing, but we all knew that it was a big act! He really calmed down whenever Snoopy left & it was just Sassy, him & me (and of course Max).
At first Sassy would come for a couple of hours. When we realized that Snickers was ok with them, Sassy & Snoopy would stay over night. Then the night visits went to staying for over a week. Mommy was worried about separating them when Marisa left for NY as they had been together for over 5 months. A couple of days after they got fixed, Snoopy went to her home, & Sassy stayed here. She was here for 4 weeks before she & Marisa went to NY where Marisa goes to college. I was so sad & depressed when she left! I walked around meowing my little heart out, something I do any how when Marisa leaves, but I was much worse. Even with all the extra love & attention mommy was giving me, I didn't snap out of my depression. She bought me one of those circle toys with the ball inside & that cheered me up a lot. I played that with Sassy & when I played with it, I just imagined she was beside me playing.
Marisa brings Sassy with her on breaks or weekends. It was great at Thanksgiving. They were here for over a week & then Marisa was coming back the next weekend for a Steeler's Football Game, so she left Sassy with us. Wow! What a week we had! Sassy slept in bed with all of us. We got in so much trouble over treats (see my diary). When she leaves, I lay on a white chenile pillow on the couch for days. Mommy says it is my pouting pillow! They were home for Christmas for over 5 weeks, so when they left last Fri., I was devastated. Actually there were 3 very sad little furbabies. Max has always loved Sassy & Snickers loves her more & more. Snickers & I were both laying on the "pouting pillow". It worked!!! Sassy & Marisa came home the next weekend! We were so surprised. Mommy tells us when they are coming but this time she didn't. She was worried about the weather. I couldn't understand why Marisa took Sassy back to NY for less than a week when she was coming home again. But Sassy told me it was because of the weather. She said that if the weather had gotten bad & they didn't get to come home, if she were here & Marisa were in NY, then Marisa would be devastated without her. I'm really close to Sassy & I love her to pieces, but the relationship between Marisa & Sassy is really, really special. I don't know if she will be coming home anymore before she graduates in May or not. Marisa has her big recital in April, so she may not be able to come home, even at Easter. Which means we will miss Sassy's first birthday & her first Easter!

6. Your doggie brother Max used to carry you around in his mouth! Can you tell us about this? It must be quite a sight to see!

We were all heartbroken when Sam made his journey to the Bridge in May, 1999. There was a lot of saddness here for different reasons & one day mommy & J.R. bring this little white ball of fluff home! He wasn't a kitty because he didn't meow or purr. I didn't know what he was, but wanted to find out. Snickers on the other paw, chose to stick his nose in the air & ignore the little guy for 6 months! I was 2 years old when Max moved in. He would jump & yip at me, we just played back & forth. One day I'm laying on the floor, on my side, & Max takes my head in his mouth & drags me across the floor. I just laid there very limp & left him pull me wherever he wanted! Poor mommy almost had a heart attack. She was really sick at the time & was stuck in a hospital bed in the living room. She didn't know what to do or how she was going to do whatever it was to get me out of Max's mouth! He'd let go & I just laid there. I didn't meow, cry or run away. He'd walk by & I would reach out at him with my paw & wiggle along the floor until he would grab my head & drag me around again. This was going on for about 15 min. & since I never made the effort to run away & hide, which I could have easily done, mommy realized that I loved this new game we were playing. I'd lay down a certain way & that was the signal for Max to come & grab my head & drag me around. It was really comical & everyone that came to visit mommy wanted to see our "trick". I would actually wake Max up to play our crazy game. It was like "tug of war", but only Max did the tugging! We did this for a long time, probably a few years. One day mommy realized that we didn't play our game anymore. Once in a blue moon, I'll lay down & start grabbing at Max with my paws to get him to play & he will, but it just isn't the same as it when we were young. And to think that the breeder was afraid of Max getting hurt by 2 kitties!!! MOL!