Small NFC??

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Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 9:54pm PST 
Is it impossible for a 5.5 pound cat to be part NFC?? Granted sh'e had a rough time lately. She was hit by a car before she found us and we took her to The MaxFund, then took her in as our foster kitty. She was only 4.25 ounds then, but she's doing a lot better now! smile


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Purred: Thu Nov 8, '07 3:51pm PST 
It's not impossible at all! Mommy says I'm only seven pounds when soaking wet. Hee hee hee hee!

If we kitties have tough lives as very young kittens, or start having kittens of our own before we're fully grown, it stunts our growth.

In the end, it just makes it easier to curl up into warm laps. big grin

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Purred: Fri Jan 25, '08 2:24am PST 
I'm only 10 pounds, but my BFF Solan tells me that NFC keep growing for 4-5 years, so I'm hopeful that I'll keep growing. I'm counting on the childhood trauma thing, too, since I was shot in the leg as a kitten. I am as tall and as long as my brother, Bear, who weighed 17 pounds when he was a younger kitty (he's 16 years old now and only weighs 13 pounds). I look bigger than I am because I have so much fluffy fur, hee hee! Don't anyone dare get me wet, either!

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Purred: Thu Jan 31, '08 10:21am PST 
I'm a purebreed NFC and I only weigh 9 lbs. and I'll be five on February 14th. Mom says I was the runt of the litter - whatever that means and that's why I'm still so small.


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