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I REALLY, REALLY- loved being a- Mama
Purred: Fri Oct 12, '07 7:27am PST 
I am Quincy's sister, and one of his favorite targets. I was a foster kitty too, along with my little fat baby Mama named Butterball. We were rescued out of a garage attic. She also gave me a little gray boy to take care of that she named, well, Gray Boy. Please go to my page and see them - they are adorable!! I got distemper from another foster Mama in the house, but I lived through it and she didn't cry (RIP Mixey and babies). Mama felt like I had been through enough and adopted me. It was the best decision she ever made!! big grin


I'm a perpetual- kitten - small is good!!
Purred: Fri Oct 12, '07 7:40am PST 
I am Quincy and Mona's sister, and I came into foster with my Mama and 3 siblings because they needed a Mama Kitty to nurse 4 orphans. My Kitty Mama did her best, but only two of the orphans and I survived to be adopted.cry I had bad poopy problems when I was young, and was diagnosed with either FIP or an intestinal defect. The vet told Mama I should be PTS!!shock Mama did the opposite and adopted me, and now I am all better!! I am very tiny though from my ordeal, only weighing 5 lbs., so Mama calls me her perpetual kitten. big grin


Daredevil girl
Purred: Fri Oct 12, '07 6:17pm PST 
Hey everycat!! I know some of you already from other groups here and a couple from another cat website. A friend of my mom's hairdresser found me alone in a parking lot before my eyes were really opened and my ears hadn't even popped up yet...This lovely woman already had 5 other rescued cats. She nursed me everyday (every few hours) and loved me till she just had to find a good home for me. My mom & dad say they are blessed to have me in their family (though they say that about all of us, I have discovered!). All of my siblings (Pophie, Samson, PJ and Fey) were rescued too. And, like everyone else, I really must thank Bitu for the invitation to the group! Thanks!! wave


Shaky Baby
Purred: Sun Oct 14, '07 3:08pm PST 
Hi, I'm Suzuki, named after my Dad's boat motor. I have cerebellum hypoplasia (CH) which is a neurological disorder. I fall a lot when I walk and am scared easily. There are 4 other cats in the family. Mom says when I chase my brother Evinrude up the hall it reminds her of cartoons where the cats back feet go faster then the front. I crash into the walls but it doesn't hurt. Recently, Ranger and Summer joined us and I didn't like them much but I'm starting to play with them some now. I DO NOT allow them on Mom and Dad's bed at night with me. I can crawl up on the bed but if I try to jump down, I crash. Mom took me once to be groomed and they stuck a bow in my hair that I didn't like. This summer, she got me a "lion cut" and when she saw me she cried. My fur is almost grown back out now. I have pics on my page.wave

Charity Ann - Sweet Angel

Nothing Stops- Me!
Purred: Tue Oct 23, '07 1:18pm PST 
Hi Everyone! And thanks, Bitu, for asking me to join your group! My name is Charity Ann, and Mama took me in after a nice man rescued me from some nasty kids who were throwing rocks at me. When he got me away from them, he found out I am blind! Mama used to run a small rescue, and when the man called her, she took me right away, and I became her baby!

I now have 3 doggy siblings and 4 kitty siblings, and 5 kitty foster siblings, so we have a VERY big family! I hope noone minds, but I invited all of my kitty siblings to come to your group, too. They're all rescues so they should fit right in! Thanks for having us!!!

Sunshine - Sweet Angel

Miss Priss
Purred: Wed Oct 24, '07 8:59am PST 
My name is Sunshine and I was found as kitten with my littermates (after our mommy was hit by a car), but I was the smallest and had a bad I went to a different foster home than my siblings. And my foster home became my furrever home...

Monster- Marvin- Muffin Face

Monsters have- feelings too!!
Purred: Wed Oct 24, '07 10:52pm PST 
wave Hi efurrykitty!! Meow was found in a ditch as a very baby kitten.
My pops took me right to the vet and he said, "Hey there! Where'd ya get the Maine Coon???
Meow fit in the palm of his hand...and now I barely fit in his lap, but I manage!! Peace!!

Meshew- (Runningtail- )

Purred: Fri Oct 26, '07 12:00pm PST 
I was got at a pet store...the box said free...but Meowma had to pay for six cans of cat food...I was bottle I was still really tiny when I came to live at my forever home. The next place was the pound if I didn't find a I am!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad to meet all of you guys...Purrs Meshew

Pumpkin Puss-

Don\'t Drink the- Haterade
Purred: Sun Oct 28, '07 6:15pm PST 
Hey Bitu, thanks for the invitation! I'm from the Burlington County (NJ) Animal Shelter and one of the women who worked there took a real shine to me. She played with me a lot, even indulged me in occasional ear-sucking (I'm in my comfort zone when I'm doing that!).

My dad noticed me immediately because he adores orangies, and the kind woman told him that I'm very playful and energetic - those qualities really captured his interest. But it was my mom who closed the deal. She picked me up and held me, and told my dad, "yep, this is the one". So that's how I eventually wound up here. I'm glad to be in such good company!

♥Winn- ie - The Pooh

Hello- Furfriends, - Diva Kitty Here!
Purred: Mon Oct 29, '07 6:07pm PST 
Meows of introduction to you all! My name's Winnie (The Pooh).....I was "bought" by these people who put me outside really, really early when I was just a teeny kitten b/c they said I was too "chatty" and talked too much....I was found really quickly by a special woman who was a humane society foster person thank goodness...she was a neighbor of my now grandmother....the nice humane society woman told my grandmother about me & my forever parents traveled to the home & found me awaiting there for them to see....of course,,,,,,they loved my "talking" and took me to my forever home....I'm a spoiled rotten diva & MOL, they even encourage me to talk more! : ) Life is good when you're luved!

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