Support the Brits - charity dog show!!!


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As part of a charity event, we are holding a dog show!
We tried to find a venue in central London, but the cost was prohibitive, we’d much rather as much money as possible went to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, therefore, we decided to go virtual!
To enter, email pictures or videos of your dogs to telling us your name, the name of the entrant, the category you would like to enter and your method of donation (ie cheque to follow or donation online). All entries will be posted on our website

Prizes form our very generous sponsors include vouchers for Hotel Chocolat; Doggie Bags from; a print from Sally Mitchell Fine Art Ltd and food from WAGG, amongst others! All we ask is that when you enter, you also make a donation.

Step 1 – Choose a Category (v = video entry required)

BEST SENIOR – for dogs 8 yrs old or older. Judges look for dogs that are good looking or stand out in some way.
CUTEST PUPPY – for dogs between 4 months and 1 year old
Small breed – Dogs under 40 lbs.
Large breed – Dogs 40 lbs and over
This category is mostly based on the opinion of the judge(s)… looking for dogs that are good looking.
BEST PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED – entrants are asked to explain how their dog has overcome a disability.
MOST EAR-RISTIBLE EARS – obvious really! Judges look for dogs that have ears that they think are really cute, have character or stand out in some way. They could be extra large or super floppy or have good colouring.
BEST DRESSED - Judges vote on the dogs with the best costumes. Extra points for originality.
BEST WAG(v) – get those tails wagging!
MOST TOY/BALL CRAZY(v) – how crazy is he/she for his/her toy?
BEST WORKING DOG – show us your dog at work!
BEST EYES - Judges may vote on dogs with great eye colour, expressive eyes or interesting markings around the eyes.
BEST SMILE - Judges are looking for dogs with beautiful smiles and a happy look on their faces.
BEST IN SHOW - This is not a category you enter, but will be awarded from all the entries!

Step 2 – Pick the best photo or video you have that best displays your best friends qualities…
Step 3 – email it to letting us know your name, the entrants name and the category you would like to enter
Step 4 – donate either online at
Step 5 – check out your entry, and the competition at

Good luck to all entrants and we look forward to receiving your pictures!!!
Chris Burkett and Laura Bowlt


HOTEL CHOCOLAT – doggie bags as sold in Harrods!
Sally Mitchell Fine Arts - www.dogart.comdog