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(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Purred: Sat Jul 7, '07 12:24am PST 
misty enter the church.

she's a bit tired.kitty
her mom did not sleep that well and her brother was playing all night long,the rascal.snoopy
she lights all the candles for a new church day.
she lights a candle and does a lil prayer.
and just sits there....

she enjoys the peace!way to go

(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 1:47am PST 
misty enters the church....
ahhhh,it's sunday morning(for misty,the rest of the candle doggies are still in the night where they life)
misty cleans the church,put down the candles to light and lights the church candles.

misty go's to the altar and crosses her paws.

dear lord.

i'm here to pray fur balto.
this is what his mommy told me about him:
"Please pray for Balto, for the past week and currently, he's currenlty been of his "mental" rocker, doing things he normally just dosen't do ,etc."
so lord will you help balto.
there was more in the message,but you know what was in it lord.
can you help balto's family with that lord?
you are all mighty and you can do anything if you want.
i also pray for my mom,my pack and my dogster friends.
i pray that this sunday morning doggies will come to pray...
even if it's for a moment.
lord bless everyone.


misty lights a candle fur balto,and one for her loved ones.
and sit's there 9

Captain- Spy~Forever- Loved & Mi

Rolling in the- grass, dude!
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 3:02am PST 
Good Morning Misty. Pickles and I came a little early. Spy and Pickles go to the altar to light a candle and pray for peace in the world and peace and furever homes for their doggie and kitty friends. They stay at the altar for awhile. They are engaged now and Spy gives Pickles a kiss. They get up from the altar and sit in a pew behind Misty, holding paws, enjoying the feel of love all around them. There is special love in the church. Morning is here, and other doggies are coming to the church. Spy's sister Liz has come to church for the first time this Sunday. She goes to the altar, lights a candle and prays how thankful she is that she was rescued to a furever home. She then gets up and sits next to Misty and asks her if she would be able to sing a hymn.

(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 3:21am PST 
Again The Lord Of Light

Again the Lord of light and life
Awakes the kindling ray,
Unseals the eyelids of the morn,
And pours increasing day.

O what a night was that chich wrapped
The heathen world in gloom!
O waht a sun which rose this day
Triumphant from the tomb!

This day be grateful homage paid,
And loud hosannas sung;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,
And praise on every tongue.

Ten thousand different lips shall join
To hail this welcome morn
Which scatters blessings from its wings
To mations yet unborn.

this is the song misty,liz and spy and miss pickles sing out loud for the lord...
what a peace and joy.snoopy

Captain- Spy~Forever- Loved & Mi

Rolling in the- grass, dude!
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 3:27am PST 
The song was beautiful. Their voices sing out in praise. Misty just told Spy, Pickles and Liz about Balto. Pickles starts to cry and Spy consoles her. Spy, Pickles and Liz all return to the alter and light another candle and kneel in front of the altar and pray for Balto's health to return to normal. When they are done, they leave the church quietly to have lunch at the Fancypants Cafe. They invite Misty to come along.shh

♥Lord- Pippin&heart- s;

Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 5:33am PST 
Lord Pippin walks in somberly. He has been crying. His Daddy is leaving him and playing all tricks on his mommy......they are fighting/ nonverbal battles more often than not. LP is worried, wondering when this will stop, but his Papi wants to be with his horrible skin daughter..... and is giving up the unconditional kindness, and LOVE that Mommy and LP have to offer. Mommy is scared. LP is scared. LP PRAYS: Please let this end....!!! Please...... I want my mommy and papi.... ! But Papi is leaving us. He will go wednesday! Please keep us in your prayers.....!!!

Buddy of- Corolla

Where's da- ball....gimme - da ball...
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 5:56am PST 
Goofy and little brudder Buddy enter the church. Walk up to get a candle and kneel at the altar. They kneel and bow their heads and fold their paws. Dear Lord, please help all our puppy and kitty friends that we have that they will have a healthy home and a good home. We say an extra prayer for LP that his Mommie and Daddy will come together. We ask you lord that you bless all the hooman Mommies and Daddys that look our for us. We thank you for being blessed with our special kind friend Misty for our togetherness here at our beautiful house of worship. We ask this in your name Lord. Amen. Buddy and Goofy lite their candle and sit for a while in peace.

(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 6:02am PST 
misty lights a candle for her pal LP,and pray's for him and his mommy's welvare.
that they may overcome this sad time and learn to walk in the sun again.


misty hugs LP and grabs his paws in her paws.

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Please Don't Use- Hartz Products.
Purred: Sun Jul 8, '07 9:07am PST 
Bama enters the church quietly, lights two candles, one for his grammie and one for all the animals that need a loving home. He kneels down and prays:
Dear Lord,
I come to you today very humble indeed. Please Lord, let all the animals that are out there being abused, or neglected or in shelters find everlasting loving homes. They deserve it Lord for all that they have or are going through.
And Lord, as you know, my grammie is sick and in the hospital. Please let her get well. She's all my mommy has and mom needs her very much. God, we know that only you can guide the doctors that are treating her to find what works for her and do it. We know that her lungs are fading fast, but Lord please wrap your loving arms around her and send down some healing. She is such a good grammie.
Thank you Lord for letting me sit here on high and keep a watchful eye on my family down below.
Bama gets up and quietly leaves the church to resume his post at the gates where he can keep a watch on his family.

♥Lord- Pippin&heart- s;

Purred: Mon Jul 9, '07 3:15am PST 
Please help us!!! Papi has packed my van...... please please help us!!!!!!!!!!!
Lord Pippin and Mom...... please....someone do something.......!

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