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Stripes- (April- 97~October- 07)

The Wondercat
Purred: Thu Jun 7, '07 9:21pm PST 
Does anyone here read the BoingBoing blog? They just posted this link to a totally crazy guy (in Germany) who outfitted his cat with a digital camera. The cat is named Mr. Lee, and he has an amazing talent for photography! I want my own camera now ...

His story and photos are here:

Zoe Rose aka- SVALA

Peace Love and- Catnip
Purred: Mon Jun 11, '07 1:48pm PST 
Hey, i know that blog!!! We checked it out - pretty cool. Mom was thinking that we should hook one of those up on Uncle Odinn!! Heehee! He doesn't go far but it would be nice to know if he is the one that is fighting with Kachobee next door or if its somebody else. Anyone who hasn't seen this needs to check it out - a cat's eye view of the world, and what does the kitty do all day? MOL!!! laugh out loud

Blade- (2000-2010)

Purred: Tue Jun 12, '07 8:44am PST 
That's cool, Stripes but I really don't want my mum to find out all my secret places! She thinks she knows them....but she doesn't know them allwink