Teddi Sue's Return Story


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I put this together for the new Dogsters of this group, and for the ones who didn't go back in the list of group messages:

FROM: ♥The Tater Tots!
Subject: Mommy's goin' to Seattle......
Sent: Sat Jun 2

This is The Tater Tots woofin' here cuz Mommy has to go to sleep early tonight! Some guy called her and told her that Teddi Sue is living with a girl named Jessica who lives on Beacon Hill in Seattle. He told Mommy that about 6 weeks (or so ) ago a couple of guys found a puppy locked in a cage (a blue-gray pet carrier!) just sitting in a parking lot in Auburn. These guys had to get rid of the puppy so "Marcos" told them he would take her and find her a home. Marcos is a pet groomer.

Sooooooo, Marcos told Mommy he gave her to Jessica as a birthday gift, as Jessica's Chihuahua had previously been stolen! Jessica never got her dog back so he wanted to give her this puppy. She has had the puppy now for several weeks. Marcos got a little bit cryptic and elusive about the whole story, but he said the puppy IS Teddi Sue. Mommy is convinced that he knows. He described her collar, the pet carrier and the shirt and little bone that was in the carrier! Jessica told Mommy about the white spot on Teddi Sue's chest and her eyebrows!

Mommy will meet with Jessica in Seattle at around noon tomorrow. (Sunday) As soon as Mommy sees the puppy she will call a friend and let her know if it is Teddi Sue or not. The friend will make a post here in the group right away to let ya all know! Woooohoooooo!!!!!!! Mommy's going to drive a diffrerent car to Seattle! NOT the CAMRY!!!!!!! Let's all PRAY SO HARD for this to be our girl!!!!!!! We'll woof to ya just AS SOON AS WE PAWSSIBLY CAN!!!!!! *big, huge , gigantic smiles and tons of hugs fur all our furiends*

Woof, woof, Arooooooh!!!!!!!!
- Penny Ann, Zelda Marie and Link


FROM: Rocky
Subject: Ok I am talking with DAnn
Sent: Sun Jun 3

Dee here~ just spoke to DAnn in route she was close to the exit.....standing by.........
I will jump on as soon as it is confirmed...
PRAY LIGHT A CANDLE.....I am ready to jump through my skin!!!!
Daina & I are just gonna grab her and HUG DAnn....I called Daina we have some money from donations to give her which will help with gas....................PAWS CROSSED and remember this is ALL DUE TO POWER OF THE PAW!


FROM: ♥ Sassy ♥
Sent: Sun Jun 3

D'Ann just called and guess who is sitting on her lap this very second? Auroooooooooooooo! Teddi Sue is healthy and was well taken care of by the nice lady. D'Ann wanted me to convey to everyone how much she loves you for all your hard work and when she gets home she will be posting herself. Good job all!


FROM: Rocky
Subject: YEAH!!! ON my way to have lunch with DANN
Sent: Sun Jun 3

ON my way!!!!!!!!
Got Camera!!!!


FROM: Rocky
Subject: D'ann just left!
Sent: Sun Jun 3

Hey Gang! This is Dee - D'ann just left, on her way back to Oregon with some precious cargo. We had a lovely lunch and Teddi Sue got to play with Mabelline in the back yard. Teddi Sue is Soooooo happy to see her mommy and we are just thrilled that she has found her way home. We took ToNs of pictures and will update soon.
Love to you all, D


FROM: Rocky
Subject: Hi All! Got pics of D'Ann & Teddi Sue on my page!
Sent: Sun Jun 3

Here are some pics of us! I was crying before I walked into the door. It was a GREAT to FINALLY meet them both!
POWER OF THE PAW made all this happen so GROUP HUG!!
Thank you to the BEST ~ Diana for all you did!!
Smiles ~ Dee


FROM: Teddi Sue*HOME!!!*
Subject: Hi everyone! *huge grin*
Sent: Mon Jun 4

Hi Fwiends!!!!!! I'm home now! Thank you all fur lookin' fur me! Mommy's makin' me go to bed now. She wants me to cuddle by her cheek jes' like 'the old days'! I'll be woofin' ya tomorrow! I love you all a billion tons! Mmmmmmwah! G'night!


FROM: Teddi Sue*HOME!!!*
Subject: woof ya soon!
Sent: Mon Jun 4

Mommy has to take the broken Camry to the Allstate office so they will see 'bout fixin' it. THEN she will let us woof ALL DAY!!!!!! We are SOOOOOO anxious to woof to ya all! (((((HUG))))
Teddi Sue


We are still so excited and happy fur you, Teddi Sue!


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I am so happy as well. Welcome back Teddi Sue.cheer


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This is pawfect Bear! So many pups are asking for details and now I can just come here to copy and paste! Your rock dude!way to go


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I am so happy Teddi Sue is back. This is wonderful. snoopy

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Just heard the news! This is PAWSOME. Welcome home Teddi Sue! We all love you and we are soooooooo happy you are back with your mommy.

dancingdancingdancingdancingdancing%big grin %dancingdancingdancingdancing
Sunny Sunshine

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Welcome home Teddi Sue!!! partypartyparty
cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer; c;cheercheer

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Pawsome news Teddi Sue!!! I and my family are so happy you are back home where you belong.

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Cross post from Teddie Sue June 7

Alot of people are asking for more details on how Teddi Sue came to be found. We have been soooo overwhelmed with pawmails and emails, stars, rosettes and PPR's *huge smile, warm feeling in my heart, touched deeply by the gestures of love and happiness for our family and Teddi Sue*, it has been extremely difficult for me to know where to begin... what to do first! Here I will explain, the best that I can, how we came to actually finding Teddi Sue.
As the story was told to me by Marcos, he seemed very elusive and unclear. What I could gather, the best I could, one day a couple of guys came to Marcos (I assume they were strangrs to him, but I really don't know, and didn't ask) and told him that they found the puppy in her cage just sitting in a parking lot. They were unable to keep the puppy so they were trying to find someone to give her a home. Marcos took her and gave her to Jessica as a birthday present as Jessica's Chihuahua was stolen from her about a year ago and she never got her back. Soooo, about 2 weeks ago, apparently, Marcos came across one of the fliers I had posted in Auburn and he recognized the picture to be the same puppy he had given to Jessica. He went to Jessica and told her that the puppy, it turns out, is a missing dog. Jessica struggled with that for about 2 weeks and finally she was able to bring herself to do the right thing and she asked Marcos to call me and give me her name and phone #. I called Jessica. She confirmed the white spot on the chest, the curved eyebrows, the long legs and the way the puppy does a "hand-stand" when she poops! I drove to Seattle the next day and met Jessica and Adrian, her boyfriend, at their apartment complex on Beacon Hill in Seattle, and I immediately knew it was Teddi Sue as I saw her walking across the parking lot toward me.
I am assuming that the person who stole my car left Teddi Sue in her crate in a parking lot, or perhaps it was they who were trying to give her to someone who could give her a home. I have a few different theories running through my mind, but I guess it really doesn't matter. Even if it was Marcos, or friends of Marcos, who stole my car, I have to give them credit for making sure that Teddi Sue went to a home where she would be cared for and loved. I really don't think Marcos stole my car. I don't even think it was anyone he knows who did it, but it very well could have been, and knowing that he is a dog groomer and a friend of theirs, they may have gone to him to help them find a home for her as opposed to just killing her or dumping her somewhere.
What is really strange to me is that about a week or so after Teddi was stolen, a pet psychic pawmailed Dee Tobin, Rocky's mom, and told her that a black man stole my car and took Teddi Sue to give her to his daughter for her birthday the following Saturday. It's weird that Jessica was given Teddi Sue as a birthday present , and that Jessica's boyfriend is a black man. Also, the date of the first set of shots on the vet record that Jessica gave me is April 22nd, the Sunday after Teddi Sue was stolen, which would also be the day after the supposed "daughter's birthday". I am no longer so skeptical about psychics as I was before!!!!
I plan on speaking with Marcos a bit more. I am just so curious about the whole psychic thing. I am also going to ask Jessica if her birthday happened to be on Saturday, April 21st. I really don't care who stole my car. This may sound crazy but, I sort of feel grateful to the thief for having the decency to make sure that Teddi Sue was cared for and safe instead of shooting her or dropping her into a river in a gunny sack with a brick. Also, there was not one bit of damage to my car and it was left in a very public place close by, where it could be found quickly and returned to me in good condition. I really think the thief was totally surprised to discover a puppy in the car. Of course this is just my theory. The main thing is that Teddi Sue is home and safe. We are so grateful for that. And we just cannot begin to express the gratitude that we feel toward all of the friends who worked so hard and gave us their support, in effort, prayers and even in the donation of money to the pay pal account and to Ginger for putting up extra reward money. I will never be able to explain the feelings I have for all of you. Thank you all so much for helping to bring our baby girl back home to us. I want so badly to be able to give each and every one of you a big hug. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!
- D'Ann


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I just got back from the beach and saw the greatest news ever!! She has been found!!! I am sooooo happy!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer; c;cheer


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oh that is sooooooooooooo wonderful. i am so glad teddi sue is home safe and sound.