Pet Psychic?


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Purred: Tue May 15, '07 6:39pm PST 
I sent Doc in Spokane a PPR, and here was his response:

We will be on the lookout here in Spokane. Please see my friend Karen Anderson's site. She's an animal communicator/Pet psychic. She may be able to help.
Praying for Teddi Sue's safe return. *hugs*
Takoda, Piper and fur-angels-Doc, Mack and Tigger.

Has anyone contacted a pet psychic/animal communicator?


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It's worth a try!!!

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I have a couple of names. I've been considering giving it a try. Rocky's mom, Dee, and her friend Daina, gave me the name of a lady that they have both dealt with personally. If we do decide to give it a try, we will probably go to her first. I am very open to taking other names if anyone has someone that they would personally recommend. I am a bit skeptical of psychics, but am certainly open-minded and will not say I don't believe! Just post names and what experience you have with that particular person you are referring here in this thread. Thanks!