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Lucas- Xenakis

Born to be- loveable
Purred: Thu May 17, '07 2:11am PST 

Two more:


http://www.lostpetsos.org/view.php?id=4261&page=0&cat=1&subcat=0& subsubcat=0

on lost pet sos - the user id and password are teddisue

Lucas- Xenakis

Born to be- loveable
Purred: Thu May 17, '07 5:46am PST 
Hi Everyone,

OK, she is now on them all!

Missing Pet Network - she was already on there
Missing Pet Partnership - is a guideline place - no way to search I don't think
Operation KONA - user name and password is teddisue
Return My Pet - she was already on there

Also registered on http://www.justpetads.com/ - D'Ann you must activate this one via your e-mail too...

Now, the next step is monitoring:

I have already committed to monitoring: Dog Detective, Pets911 - I will also take Lost and Pound and Kona.

Once everyone picks a site, we should list them all with the names and check everyday. Hope that sounds ok.

Love, Lucas

the N'walins- Gang

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Purred: Thu May 17, '07 2:14pm PST 
Thanks to Lucas Xenakis, all links have Teddie Sue posted as Lost, but we still need somepups to monitor sites for FOUNDS and avail for ADOPTION. Please post HERE if you can help!

NOTE: for many sites email used is dannlally@yahoo.com or username/ID teddisue and password teddisue

still need MONITORS:

Craigslist - seems to be watched by many pups, but no one has “officially” committed??
Just Pet Ads - D’Ann needs to activate Teddi’s Lost ad
The Internet Lost and Found (Pet division)
Lost & Found Classifieds near 98002 - she may need to be posted/reposted as LOST here
Lost and Found Now
Lost Paws - Teddy’s LINK
Lost Pet SOS - Teddy’s LINK
Lost Pets International
Missing Pet Network
Return My Pet

D’ann is watching these, but can someone check their websites every day to help her out?
Humane Society/Seattle and King County
Humane Society/Tacoma and Pierce County

current Monitors:

Dog Detective - Lucas Xenakis
Fido Finder - Rowdy
Lost and Pound - Teddy’s LINK - L&P already alerted: Northwest Airedale Terrier Rescue shelter 405 West Crockett St., Seattle and People United for Pets rescue , Issaquah
K9 Amber Alert - NW Gang
Missing Pet Directory - managed by Dogsters/Catsters Lost and Found Group
Missing Pet Partnership a guideline place - no way to search
Petfinder - Bear
Petharbor - Cashew
Pets 911 - Lucas Xenakis
Operation KONA - Lucas Xenakis

** Please ADD other places you’ve posted and can watch..


~7lbs. of- spoiled rotten~
Purred: Fri May 18, '07 6:30am PST 
Since I have nothing better to do all day...I will take K911, Lost and Found Now, and Lost Pets International...I might be able to take on more...

Lucas- Xenakis

Born to be- loveable
Purred: Sun May 20, '07 2:16pm PST 
Hi everyone,

Been checking the links and nothing so far. Not too many people post found dogs!

We are keeping our hopes up, though and resending all the e-mails we had sent again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Lucas hug

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