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Post here if you or any of your pals can check shelters in their area?

Thurston County Animal shelter in Olympia - Laddie

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from Laddie in messages:

Our mommy has been in contact with the Thurston County Animal shelter. They had an older one come in and it had been adopted. Mom goes in and check everytime she is up in the area. The animal shelter doubts Teddi Sue would be bought down to Olympia area, but mom says you never know and so she keeps checking.
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I posted a lost dog on PetHarbor. Go to and click on 'Show pets lost by public'. Teddi Sue is the sixth one down on page. Its good for only another 7 days but I will submit a new request that will last another 30 days.
Keep up the good work everypup!!! Bring Teddi Sue Home!!!!
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copied from Mickie's message:

from a Dogster in WA:
Hi everyfur --

Apologies if I'm repeating any info that was passed on earlier, but I got a suggestion from one of the WA Dogsters that I sent a pup pal request to with Teddi's story:

Response: Yes.. I keep my eye open all the time.. Renton is a few miles from Auburn. We have the city of Kent in between.

I am going to ask this, I know the answer is probably yes. Has anyone been checking the humane society?
It also good for South King County, where Auburn is.

Also.. Pierce County..

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I've been checking the King County humane society, but not the Pierce County one! Thank you!