Could this be her (Seattle Craigslist)

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This is from one of my Pup Pals that I made in WA:

Response: Thank you for your message. I will gladly do what I can to help especially since I to am an owner of a Min Pin.

There is an ad on Seattle Craigslist under Community and then pets for a min pin chi for adoption. I can't imagine why they would sell it for $200 unless it was stolen. Don't tell them you are looking for your dog. Send a friend or family member to identify the dog and if it's your dog, give them a $50 deposit to hold the dog and tell them your just going over to Petco to get a crate, food, etc. and you'll be right back. Make sure you get a "note" for the deposit on the purchase of the dog and then go straight to the cops and they'll come back with you to help you get your dog. Bring picture identification of your dog or whatever else you may have (vet records where your vet can also identify the dog) when you go to the cops and they should go right with you to get your dog and then you can go. You don't want to go the initial time and take the chance of them recognizing you if they actually cased the house out before they stole your dog. Then you'll never get it back because they won't let you see it and say they already sold it.

Good luck!!

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Wow! That could be! What is the number? Could they email a photo to someone?

I was just talking to the person who sent me the that response. She said she can't find the URL right now, but she and I and searching the Seattle Craigslist up and down for Teddi. I hope this is her!!!

Chances are I have contacted them already. Do you have a link to the actual listing?

No. The woman who I was talking about can't remember how she found the listing.

I stumbled across this one while looking for the other listing:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-05-12, 11:49AM PDT

Today we found a puppy near 23rd and Spring in Seattle. She has no collar. If you lost your puppy, please contact us and describe what it looks like. I'd post a pic but I'm concerned that an un-rightful owner might come forward to claim it. We really want to find its owners!
She said when she found it, there was no picture...

I dunno. Could be. But didn't she say she found it in Craigslist? Hmm...I will go there and search now! hehe! Is there an e-mail contact where you can e-mail her asking for pictures of the puppies and such?

This is the one I responded to, she already got back to me and told me that IT WAS NOT Teddi. (I had included Teddi's pics in the email)

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