Reverse Look up on 509#/360# Bellingham/Weird Woman


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When you d a reverse number look up this is what you get

509) 966-5868 is a land line based in YACKIMA, WA
The registered service provider is Qwest Corporation**.
Detailed listing information is not available.
Search Suggestion966-5868, WA

WHEN you click the Search Suggestion this comes up:

Nipges, James
2337 E Hemmi Rd
BELLINGHAM, WA 98226-9536
(360) 966-5868

I don't know if that helps or not... I was not able to call the phone 360 #

Ok i called the 509 966 5868 it rang 25 times no answer, then i called the 360 966 5868 number got an answer i asked if she had any info on a lost dog, she said humm not that i know of so i ask if this was 360 966 5868 and she wouldnt say anything else just was breatinkg hard, yikeees!!i dont know if she is hiding something or if she is a pervert,i said thats ok i will contact the person who gave me this number and she hung up!! wierd call!!

Maybe if someone can, they can go to their house and knock on their door. This sounds VERY suspicious to me that they aren't willing to talk to anyone.

How far do we know to go before we just call the police and ask them to check it out for us?

Lucas X Before we Call the Police ....
OK, I am thinking if these people stole her then they may have brought her to a vet in Bellingham. There are about seven on the internet:

Perry, Max E DVM - Fountain Veterinary Hospital (360) 733-2660 2430 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA Gilbertson, Cay DVM - Cat Clinic (360) 671-7707 1214 Dupont St, Bellingham, WA

Cat Clinic (360) 671-7707 1214 Dupont St, Bellingham, WA

Sullivan, Edmund DVM - Bellingham Veterinary & Crtcl (360) 734-0720 720 Virginia St, Bellingham, WA

Westfall, Theresa DVM - Bellingham Veterinary & Crtcl (360) 734-0720 720 Virginia St, Bellingham, WA

Maplewood Animal Hospital (360) 715-1430 2869 W Maplewood Ave, Bellingham, WA

Rabkin, David DVM - Maplewood Animal Hospital (360) 715-1430 2869 W Maplewood Ave, Bellingham, WA

Animal Emergency Care (360) 758-2200 317 Telegraph Rd, Bellingham, WA

The last call I made was from home - I wouldn't be able to call these numbers from work and I won't be home for another 4 hours! Can someone please call and keep all of us posted.

In the meantime, I also wrote to dogster to see if they could send a mass e-mail to people in the washington area. Still waiting to hear back on that.

Let's keep pressing on! We WILL find Teddi Sue!
I actually am getting that info off of yahoo's directory. I just realized there are 5 pages! I put in vets in bellingham washington. All those that have websites/e-mail I am sending messages to. The message is the following:


A friend of mine had her car stolen in Auburn and her dog was in it! She is frantic to find the puppy. We got a tip that she may be in Bellingham. Has anyone come in with a new chihuahua/mini pincher mix. Here is a link to her photo and info. Please contact us if you know anything or can help in any way.

Th anks,



Ok. The phone number on the ad is...833-9412 or 966-4330. The area code is 509. Ask for a lady named Carrie. She is the one that gave the number for her neighbor. That number is the one that got disconnected. I would ask her if she gave the right number and such. Also if she has seen the dog before. And then give her the dogster page for Teddi and ask if that is her. Shoot, I would get her to help if the neighbor won't cooperate.

I also spoke to her...very strange. Do we know her address????

Lucas X
When someone did the reverse look came up:
Nipges, James (see above)

OK, is there anyone in the area that can check it out? Maybe listen for barking, watch to see if she lets a dog out to potty?

So I think I missed some of the background on this situation. Please fill me in. Both my daughters live in Bellingham and perhaps I can convience them to go over and knoock on the door???

That would be awsome, Daisy! But make sure there is someone along with her. She shouldn't go alone. And maybe just spy for a little first. What do you think?

Also, I think I called a similar but different number. 509-966-5866. What does that mean? Where did I even get that one?

I'M CONFUSED!!!!! Are we sure that is the weird lady's address?

509 would be eastern washington.
360 could be northern wa or southern wa.
253 is south of seattle.....

Anyway what is the scoop with this lady? Where did we get her number??

The numbers came from an ad that I had found at a humane society's website in Washington. The problem is now that the AD IS GONE! Hmm... Also, The number on the ad is the first one I found...Her name is Carrie. Then I believe it was Harley who had called that number, and she gave them the 509 phone number that has turned up disconnected after D'ann and others have called it. Then, I cannot remember who it was, but someone looked up that number under the 360 area code and got an answer. And now, that is who we are talking about...(The weird lady) Lol. Anyways, yes D'ann knows about all of this, but I don't think she knows about the weird lady yet.

Here are some of the area codes for Washington:
Bellevue 425
Bellingham 360
Olympia 360
Seattle 206
Spokane 509 (eastern washington)
Tacoma 253
Vancouver 360
WallaWalla 509 (eastern washington)
Yakama 509 (eastern washington)
Centralia 360
Chehalis 360

I live just south of Olympia. So I have been looking in the want ads and checking the shelter. I am hoping to check the one in Lewis county possible this week. It depends on my health.
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I spoke with Carrie at 509-833-9412 about 6:30 dogster time (Sunday).

she said her neighbor John had the dog but was not sure if he still had it? she did not know John's number off hand which seemed odd? I gave her the one we have (it may be a wrong #). said she would call him and get back in touch with me.

another weird thing... when I asked if she had a computer, she asked the other people with her, "do we have internet here?" guess she could have been on cell phone at a friends or something???

heard NOTHING back cry (nothing last night nor today)

Matthew-Help- ing LOSTs

I want to Help- other LOST pets!
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from previous 509 forum thread reposted original ad from Tater Tots

Humane Society of WA website in the lost and found ads. So far, the phone # has either had no answer or busy ALL THE TIME!
Here's the listing:

Date found: 4/20/2007
Where found: Doescher Drive, between Galloway and Mapleway in Gleed
Description: very cute, black with tan, white on paws
Collar: Red Canvas
Age: Young
Color: Black
Contact: Carrie at 833-9412 or 966-4330.

The area code is 509 The neighbor has the dog teddi's mom call 509-966-5868 talk to JOHN JAGER. My prayers are with you that this is Teddi Sue.Please let us know.