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Please sign this petition...

AK a5-6 month old shepherd/ Rotti mix was taken from his owner on Friday because he was found with both his ears cut off. The humane society said it look recent and that they were cut off with a kitchen knife or saw. The owner says he bought the dog like that but was only able to give a first name of the person he "bought" him from. If he is able to come up with $680 by Wednesday he may be able to reclaim AK. We can not let this happen!!
Whom ever cut off his ears should feel the same pain and fear that this poor dog has felt!
Thanks Jackie

You are correct in not wanting this dog back with that man.

There is only one reason dogs ears are cut like that and the is because they plan to use them in dog fights and if the cut off the ears first, the other dog can not get ahold of the ear during a fight.

It is pure evil and even if this man did not cut the ears, he knows full well why they were.

Liza's mom Wanda

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