Pixie *RIP- 10-19-15

Meow, meow,- meow...Can't- Touch Me!
Purred: Thu May 3, '07 5:50pm PST 
werry werry qwiyet!!! shh

Henrietta- Marie- @3/14/10

I MEOW you very- much, Mami!
Purred: Thu May 3, '07 5:52pm PST 
I dunno why it is so quiet in here now.... shrug

I *know* we all still are sticking our butts in faces....there couldn't POSSIBLY be a lul in butt/face activity globally? huh?

Miss Topsy- *RIP*- 10-2-15

Single AGAIN!!- :(
Purred: Sun May 20, '07 11:00pm PST 
plenty of visitors today with the party mami had....I got my butt in many unsuspecting faces!