Got Depends?

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Baby (Dec.- 1987-Dec.- 2007)

Wingin' It
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 7:36am PST 
I have a problem pooping in my box....and sometimes peeing in it too. Today I pooped on the floor and peed in my cat bed. I guess I was just too lazy to get face

Do any of you have this problem? Mom is pretty patient with me, and has even set up an extra litter box in the bedroom for me, but she'd sure welcome any advice.

Baby shh

Muffin ( In- Loving- Memory)

Forever in their- hearts
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:30am PST 
Sometimes I now miss the box when I need to pee bad....Its the CRF and drinking so much water combined with old lady bladder...
Mama found pee pads in the store ( we got them at target) made for dogs to pee on in the house ( not sure why a dog would go in the house, but thats another story I guess) We put them around the litter boxes for when I don't make it all the way there.
Also they make a product called cat paper which we plan to buy. It can also be used on your bed etc and if you wet it can just be thrown out, but your blankie will stay dry. Plain Brown Tabby has it on line....
Its kinda embarrassing isn't it? After all the years of perfect litter box habit face

Baby (Dec.- 1987-Dec.- 2007)

Wingin' It
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 3:08pm PST 
Thank you.
I know this is an embarrassing subject, so iIappreciate your sharing.
Mom will check out the paper. She has some pee pads, but I'd been good lately so she didn't have them down.
see, it's all her fault.laugh out loud


Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 6:36pm PST 
I have a pee pad under my litter box, too! So far, I'm able to make it to the box in time, but I don't always squat down and it goes over the top. smile Mom buys bed pads for humans, the cheap generic ones.

Dad said recently that I had pooped outside the box. But I didn't! A couple days later, Mom was watching me, and she saw me poop IN the box, but the poop hung on and didn't drop off until I hopped OUT of the box. There it was, making it look like I pooped on the floor. I didn't!!

Muffin ( In- Loving- Memory)

Forever in their- hearts
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:43pm PST 
That poo poo thing happens to Loki , and he's only 11 months old.... wink He gets a little hanger on....Its the long fur. Poor kid, but its funny to watch him being chased around. At least Mama knows its not my
Everyone figures its a good day for me when I make it to the box every time ( and today was a good day)!
We never thought of the people pads idea. That might be good if I had a bed trouble. We sure make our families get creativekitty

Simon,- little- bodhisattva

Ye Olde Bard
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 9:43pm PST 
No problem there... If I get a dingleberry (my fur is quite long), I just wait till i get to the cream-colored carpet and then scoot my butt on the floor till it comes off....

Alaidh - my little- angel

The only real- cat is a grey- cat!
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '07 10:21pm PST 
I used to scoot on Mummy's cream-coloured carpet, too. I used to get so mad at Mummy when she'd wash my bum!!

I'm also having a few litter box issues, but I've had the same issues since I was a kitten. It's only become a problem lately because I've decided I don't like the cover on my litter box.

I dribble over the sides.

Taffy- (forever- loved)- ADB#30

Hear me Purrr!
Purred: Thu Apr 26, '07 1:24pm PST 
Sometimes I will pee at the bottom of the steps going to the basement. I like it down there, it's dark and private. At least it's a cement floor so it's easy for mom to clean up! I also don't like a cover on my box and sometimes I pee over the side. What can I say, I have to give mom something to do! smile

Isaac - 1/18/1991 -- 5/5/2008

How do I look??
Purred: Fri Apr 27, '07 9:20am PST 
I do not have very good aim anymore either. For vatever reason I do not like to squat all ze way down any more. Since I usually aim to ze rear of ze box, I was "squirting" ze wall, und staff member had hard time cleaning up since wall is textured plaster!! Now however, there are floor mats out of ze car behind the box against ze wall. Easy to hose off if I squirt wall. If I squirt to either side zere is paper underneath ze box in heavy layers. Ze box is on conrete so easy to clean. Staff member used a litter tracking mat behind the box before car mats. Worked o.k, but car mat make for bigger target. big grin

Fiesta Cat - Sweet Angel

Party on!!
Purred: Fri Apr 27, '07 11:51am PST 
I actually have good aim, when I want to. Sometimes I get mad and wet somewhere else, but that is usually just when I'm POed.

I do get little pieces that hang on and fall off somewhere outside the box, but that's o.k., because my box is also downstairs on the concrete.

Sometimes my mom has to wash my feet because I step in it (literally). I can't--or don't--reach my feet anymore to clean.

Mom knows that some time soon she's going to have to move my box upstairs, because the stairs are getting harder for me. She figures that while I can, the exercise up and down the stairs might actually keep my joints moving a bit. The only exercise I get is going to the potty and walking back and forth from my food dish to my box.

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