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The master of- chocolate
Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 6:26am PST 
Hey! wink My B-day is July 5th! The day after the 4th of July! Next year, in 2009, I will be 3! Yay me! party Thanks for asking Jeannie! I dream of Jeannie! naughty BOL


Poodle Girl
Purred: Sun Nov 23, '08 5:15pm PST 
Thanks for posting your birthday.We want to celebrate with you in July.


I do bad things
Purred: Mon Dec 15, '08 9:54am PST 
Jan. 18, 2006


If it Moves,- CHASE IT!
Purred: Mon Dec 15, '08 11:59am PST 
My birthday is August 12th. I will be 3 on my birthday. Wow its hard to believe. Where does the time go??


Momma's Big Baby- Boy!
Purred: Thu Jan 1, '09 7:48pm PST 
My birthday is Jan 17th!!partypartyparty


It's all about- me.
Purred: Mon Feb 2, '09 4:01pm PST 
My B-day is...Today! I'm 8 years old. Mom can hardly believe it!partypartywave

Ya'Shee Doo

I'm the boss
Purred: Sat Mar 21, '09 8:49am PST 
I will be two April 21st and Prince-ton will be one April 17thcheer


The Little Boy- With a Heart of- Gold
Purred: Sat Mar 21, '09 11:59am PST 
party My birthday is July 10! I'll be 1 year old! Thanks Jeannie!


Having Fun Is- What Dogster Is- All About
Purred: Mon May 11, '09 12:35pm PST 
Hi. My Birthday is Jan. 216th, 2006! Me Three years old! Hi Jeannie! It's Spinner! Hugs!blue dogblue dogpartyway to go


Having Fun Is- What Dogster Is- All About
Purred: Mon May 11, '09 12:36pm PST 
McGraw! We were born exactly 2days apart! Howdy! I'm Spinner!blue dogway to go

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