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9/15/1990 - 1/12/2008
Purred: Wed Sep 12, '07 9:45am PST 
Yes, I will be 17 on Saturday, September 15.

Mommy is making me a cake and a meatloaf. Yay!


Chloe Chanel

~Little Miss- Priss~
Purred: Thu Sep 13, '07 9:12pm PST 
partypartyparty MY BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 22 partyparty


A Doggie Scholar
Purred: Wed Sep 19, '07 6:05pm PST 
When's your birthday, Jeannie?

The Fun- Loving- Family

The- FLF...forever
Purred: Fri Sep 28, '07 5:29pm PST 
FLF birthdays...

Baby Charlie February 25, 2007
Cinnamon Bear & Honey Bear (the twins) May 18, 2005
Suzy August 16, 2000
Johnny Thunder October 5, 2005
Beatrix November 2, 2004

Jeannie is an October baby like John John but we will let her tell you the day...
partypartyto Jeannie! It's coming up!


Poodle Girl
Purred: Sat Sep 29, '07 5:08am PST 
My birthday is October 27. Johnny Thunder and I are close in age. puppy

Johnny- Thunder CGC

Purred: Wed Oct 3, '07 1:19pm PST 
Me and beautiful Jeannie missed bein' twins by days! Can you even believe it? BUT...we share the whole month! wisheswisheswishes

Happy Birthday Jeannie!

Ginger (In- Loving- Memory)

We love rescued- pups!
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '07 2:49pm PST 
As I mentioned in my email, my papers say that my birthday is October 31st!!!! BOL! My parents don't think so, they think it was just a convenient date from the rescue place.... BUT I have to celebrate some day, don't I??party


Poodle Girl
Purred: Sat Oct 6, '07 7:05am PST 
Halloween sounds like a fun day for a birthday, Ginger. We sure have a lot of birthdays around that time. We have Ginger on Oct 25, me on the 27th, then yourself on Oct 31, then Snowy and Beatrix on Nov. 2. party

Sammie- Poochon

Purred: Thu Dec 6, '07 2:35pm PST 
My birthday is Dec. 29, 2000

Sammie Poochon

Kinko Poodle

I want to cuddle- to mama!
Purred: Thu Dec 6, '07 2:35pm PST 
Mine is April 8.


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