URGENT Information for Pet Owners!

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URGENT Information for Pet Owners: Pet Food Recall

Several brands of premium pet foods, in specific canned and small foiled pouch packaged varieties, were recalled by Canadian manufacturer MENU FOODS on March 16th 2007. MENU FOODS is one of North America’s largest pet-food suppliers. In announcing the North American recall, MENU FOODS admitted that an unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure and about 10 died after eating the affected pet foods (produced between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007). Unfortunately, these products were distributed all over North America. frown

The tragic deaths of several cats and dogs, in the United States, occurred after consuming wet food from a variety of no-name brands and name brand premium products produced by MENU FOODS. Some of the tainted products - packaged in cans and foiled packets - were sold through Safeway and WAL-MART’s house brands. While no cases have been reported yet in Canada, this premium cat and dog food might be on the shelves of your local grocery store, reputable pet shops, or already in your home. I was alarmed to hear “Eukanuba” and “IAMS” brand wet foods are also produced by this manufacturer; check out their websites for detailed information. I’m going to post articles and press releases from these companies too.

Please check the brand links below for the individual product’s serial numbers and production dates. You might save your pet’s life, so check the pet food in your home and distribute this information to your fellow pet lovers. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.


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From the MENU FOODS Company Website:
Premium Pet Food - Recall Information
[source: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/index.html]

Press Release
1. Menu Foods Recall (March 16, 2007)
link: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/Press_Recall_03162007.pdf

Product Information
1. Recalled Cat Product Information (March 16, 2007)
link: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_cat.html
2. Recalled Dog Product Information (March 16, 2007)
link: http://www.menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html

**************** ****************
Please see this BLOG entry for very detailed information from MENU FOODS on the recalled products and collected press releases:

article: “MENU FOODS Pet Food Recall Info”

Blog URL: http://blog.myspace.com/onejazzkat

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My human went to her local "Provigo" grocery store to check out if the "President's Choice" "IAMS" and "Eukanuba" in canned and small foil packets of wet food were still on the shelves. To her disappointment, they were. shock

Without the serial listings in hand (from each company’s link), it was hard to determine if they were from the batches of tainted food in question. She's going to post her letter (from her BLOG) on the Supermarket bulletin board. She will also speak to the manager of the store, and provide print outs of the codes of the products that were recalled and look on the shelves to see if the wet food in stock is safe.

I'd suggest your humans do the same in a polite manner. smile