Welcome Cuddles & Amelia!

Miss Topsy- *RIP*- 10-2-15

Single AGAIN!!- :(
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Our newest members!

cheer WELCOME! cheer



Beloved- Angel Amelia- loves HL!

I am finally- with my True- Love Bill....
Purred: Thu Mar 8, '07 10:37pm PST 
hi! amelia here!! i like to put my butt in my meowmy's face. i'm afraid i don't have very good hygiene red face and meowmy likes to call me S.B., short for stinky butt!!! laugh out loud and sometimes i have little poopballs down there. i could go off on a tangent and tell you about how my meowmy's ex-husband and her used to call each other poop, but i'll stop! shh anyway, this is a pungent subject, so to speak!!! love, ameliacheer

Henrietta- Marie- @3/14/10

I MEOW you very- much, Mami!
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LOL!!! Down here we call those poop balls Dingleberries! laugh out loud

I can't tell you what Mami calls her x-husband....she would get kicked off of catster forever! LOL hee hee wink

We got a new dog yesterday! She wants to heard us around! Already Miss Topsy has put her butt in Suzy's face! Wow, that Miss Topsy can be aggressive! Staking her Butt Claim...LOL