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Mr Skins- (1986-2007- RIP)

Age before- beauty
Purred: Wed Aug 1, '07 5:27am PST 
Elsa, thanks fo the Rosette! It's so pretty! Do I have to watch my P's and Q's since royalty has joined? Sister princesses! Hi Jasmine and Furgy!
I love fresh raw tomatoes. Mummy has to cut them up into bite size pieces now.
Surfing... that's a part of my tropical kitty persona.

Princess- Jasmine- (Rainbow- Brid

Princess Jasmine- Queen of the- Castle
Purred: Wed Aug 1, '07 5:50am PST 
No need to watch your P's and Q's. Just because we are Royalty. We veiw everyone as royalty. Trust me, Furgy dosn't always act like it. shh

Princess- Furgy- (Rainbow- Bridge

Princess Furgy- of Luedtke- Castle
Purred: Wed Aug 1, '07 5:51am PST 
Hmmmphffffff I don't know why she said that, she's the one that broke meowmy's blinds.


Maxwell- Sweet Angel

Patience pays- off
Purred: Mon Aug 6, '07 11:17am PST 
Hi! I'm Maxwell, just recently joined the group thanks to Wally! I am only 10, but like Wally, mom says I am an old soul.

I see several of my friends are members of this fine group.

I am in to saving energy at all costs. Why run when you can walk, I say, you'll still get there! I love to be outside and watch chipmunks. I haven't entered much in my diary lately but if you want to learn more about my energy saving ideas take a look.

I love to sit back with a good catnip cigar and chicken brandy and watch the world go by. Anycat care to join me?


Purred: Sun Aug 12, '07 7:55am PST 
hi everyone and thanks for the welcome, this is a cool group, I see some of me pals here from other groups; how cool is that... the name's DUDE KITTY and I'm 15 and plan on being the next guiness book of world records cat; which means I got a ways to go...( this from my mom ) anyway, I am SPOILED rotten, have cat powers that have gained me many, many things over the years; I'm not about playing a lot anymore; napping and eating tuna or free choice are my current hobbies, and I love heat.....layin in the sun, laying on the heat vent in the winter, squishing me fat self up to mom's leg while she sleeps.....let's see.....a like catnip, I liked getting brushed with my zoom groom.....and I'm sure I'll think of other stuff later but holy tuna n sauce, I've been up now for...darn near 30 minutes and gotta go find my orthofoam cat napper. purrs all big grin

Rudy (In Loving Memory)

The Little- Prince
Purred: Wed Aug 15, '07 6:44pm PST 
Hi everyone! I'm Rudy and so happy to be here with a group of Old Furts wave. I’m 15 years old and currently a “single kitty”. Mom thinks about getting me *two* companion kittens, but she’s afraid it may stress me out (I have a few medical problems). I’ve lived with other felines until 4 months ago when my favorite buddy Andy went to the bridge.

Anyhooo, I’m happy to join you!

Rudy =^..^=

Princess- Pennelope- Prudence Fa

I want to be- alone!
Purred: Sat Aug 18, '07 4:15am PST 
Hi everyone. I'm 19 years young and the baby of the family. My mumma cat told me to join up as she has such fun with all the cool kitties that hang out here!

♥Tigge- r♥

I'm ready fur- Russ & Saki's- wedding!
Purred: Sat Aug 18, '07 6:14pm PST 
Hi All,I'm a newbie as of Canadian furend,Taffy invited me. Oh,I see some of my pals..Hi Dude,Hi Rudy!wave

My name is Tigger,Tiggy that is, and I will be 12 on Sept. 7th! Now,unlike most of you...I guess I'm a little out of place,'cause I act like I'm 5! Mom says I have more energy than my little bro,Boo,who is 6! (I do sleep deeper than I used to and I snore really loud ,with twitches)

I has a vet check up this past week and my vet says I'm one of the most pleasant kitties and I'm in great health...yea!laugh out loud
I look forward to knowing you all! Luv,Tigg

Chavi- (1990-March- 24, 2010)

Queen of all she- surveys
Purred: Tue Aug 21, '07 7:38am PST 
Hi everyone! Well, where to start? I'm 17 years old, and have lived with my Mama since I was a tiny kitten. I was found in Reseda, CA in the alley behind a Thai food restaurant, and moved to Kansas City with Mama and the rest of our tribe when I was just five.
I'm a bit shy, and near sighted, but very full of love.
Glad to be here!


Tristan- (April 23,- 1992 - Dece

The Monkey Man
Purred: Tue Aug 21, '07 7:48am PST 
Hi guys! I may be fifteen years old, but you'd never know it from my crazy kitten antics!
My Mama adopted my littermate Sebastian and I when we were so tiny she could hold both of us in one hand, and we've been with her everywhere since then.
Sebastian and I have never ever been apart for more than a few hours, and I like it that way! Sometimes we tease Chavi, but it's all in fun.
Glad to be here with you guys!

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