Olde Teeth and Dental Care (Consolidated Thread)

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Mackenzie- (1997-2013)

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I've had half my teeth removed b/c I've just got bad teeth. The vet thinks that part of the reason is the unknown part of my life before Mama adopted me. Mama says "that's fine with me" because she's got less teeth to pay to clean! big laugh

Mama also feeds us Prescription Diet's t/d a couple times a week to help clean our teeth. The vet says our teeth look better! Mama tried to brush them, but she just ended up with teeth in her skin!

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

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Some pet groomers will scale teeth, too...my Momma does. You may want to "shop around" and see.

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I have consolidated this thread with the much shorter smaller "Dental issues" and "Vet teeth cleaning" threads. This thread will remain open for discussion of dental health and care.


Relevant content of the "Dental Issues" thread, about commercially available teeth-cleaning water additives and pet treats, follows:

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4/29/07 Isaac posted: I vounder, have any of ju kitties used a product for tarter/plaque build-up zat is placed in drinking water? Zee staff member noticed dis product at ze Petsmart. It claims to be "tasteless" but she vas unsure whether to try as is dangerous if we not drink enough water. Any experience out there with this product?

Ju see, my little brother Pedro has developed startling dental issues. Ze boy is just going to be 2 zis June und had to have 2 teeth pulled last week!! Zees kids I tell ju, just do not vant to brush!! Ze vet gave us somezing called OraZn...a gel to apply to ze gum line everyday. Is supposed to help w/tarter/plaque without brushing. Have any of ju used that? If so, vut vere ze results?
__________________________________________________________ _____

04/29/07 Scooter said: I haven't tried either of those, but Mom also wondered about the stuff you add to water. She had the same fear, that it would stop me from drinking the water if I detect it.

If you have more than one water dish, your mom could add it to just one dish to see whether you start avoiding that one.

Also, I drink distilled water, so Mom figured she could add the stuff to an entire gallon of my water, so that it's in the right proportion and she won't have to measure each time she changes my water. If you drink tap water, your mom could mix up a gallon's worth at a time and use from it.

_____________________________________________________________ ___

05/01/07 Cookie said: I've been eating Dentabites by Whiskas Temptations. They contain chlorophyll, which works on plaque and tartar, and is way easier for everyone than brushing our teeth. Ms. Simba recommended them to me, because I found that all the other tartar/plaque control treats were too crunchy for my olde teeth, and she had the same problem. I love water just the way it is, and I don't know if I would go for it tasting like something else.

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05/01/07 Simon said: Meowmie's furriend's cat stopped drinking and the furriend didn't notice... kittie got sick, but did recover. Since then meowmie is very cautious. My teeth are kinda icky, but if I am sleepy I let meowmie scale them with a dental tool. My diet is so limited and carefully balanced because of recurrent pancreatitis and heart trouble that meowmie and the vet decided to leave my teethies alone from a toothpaste or water-additive standpoint. just the pickin, nuthin else. Meowmie doesn't believe me when I tell her that TUNA has natural dental cleansing agents...laugh out loud

____________________________________________________ _______________

06/22/07 Taz said: Mommy tried that water additive stuff. She didn't put much in just to be safe but I didn't notice a change, but my teeth are really bad. Dental treats and brushing is probably best. And yes TUNA! (lots of it)

_____________________________________________________________ ______

06/22/07 The "other" Albuquerque Scooter said: Hi kitties-well I don't have any teeth left, so I can't help much. Except to say how important it is to go to the vet for checkups- my teeth were so bad, they all had to be pulled. My mommy felt soooo terrible!

But now I eat whatever I want! My mommy figures, I am an old lady, she just wants me to be happy!cloud 9


Relevant content of "Vet teeth cleaning" posts, about the safety of veterinary teeth cleaning and anesthesia for Olde Furts; the less invasive "treat" option; and chewing behavior follows:

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09/16/08 Misha posted: Any Olde Furs get their teeth cleaned by the vet lately? How did you do? My Mum is afraid to let the vet put me to sleep for the procedure. Is she a worry wart? I have diabetes but it is under control right now with special food and Glipizide. I told Mum that I am only going to get older and my teeth dirtier. What do you think?

___________________________________________________ ________________

09/16/08 Flower posted: Misha, I and Momma think that you should get at least two vets opinion on getting your teeth cleaned. The vet you've been seeing should have a good idea whether it would be worth the risk. Momma won't have me "put under" because of my age and I don't have any real health issues. If you've had it done before and had no bad effects, it might be a valid option, but the risk is always there. That's why Momma likes to brush our teeth, even though we don't really like it. Has your Mom tried using her fingernail to scrape the tartar down from the gum? Then using a cotton ball or pad and hydrogen peroxide, she can wipe from the top of the tooth down.

________________________________________________________________ ___

09/16/08 Misha replied: I have never had my teeth done. I don't act like my teeth hurt but I chew everything 100 times. Sometimes I start chewing while Mum is getting my food. Weird right? I'll ask my Mum to look into those cet chews. I love treats!

_________________________________________________________ __________

09/23/08 Scootersaid: Are you chewing or "licking" while your Mum is getting your food ready? Sometimes when my tummy is upset or nauseous, I lick, lick, lick my lips when Mom brings food near me. I might even lick my lips but turn my head away from the food and not eat.
______________________________________________________________ ____

09/23/08 Misha said: I chew and chew. Pop says it looks like a cow chewing her cud. I don't think that's funny. But he laughs! Ha!
I am sorry you get a sick tummy sometimes.

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Alex Angel

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All three of us (me, Annie, & Bugsy) had anesthesia-free dentals about a month ago, and when our internist looked at our teethies a few days later, he said that the lady (who did the non-anesthesia dentals) did "good work." He also said that he was glad that was not his job! We were lucky, though: this lady was what Meowmy called a "real cat whisperer."
So you furts may want tolook into non-anesthesia dentals in your area. way to go

Thomas - brave- angel&hearts- ;

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About the drinking water additive that Isaac asked about in the consolidated-thread post: Mama tried using this stuff for us awhile ago, and none of us ever minded it or even seemed to taste it. But then we started drinking mainly from filtered fountains, and Mama wasn't sure if the additive would make it through the filter to help our teeth, so she figured it was probably a waste of money to keep putting it in our fountain water. Sometimes she'll add it to our plain water bowls that we have throughout the house, but she tends to forget.

The kind we have used is Petkin Liquid Oral Care. The most recent bottle says "with baking soda" which Mama finds surprising because she would have thought we'd taste that, but apparently not.

We still needed regular dental scalings even when we were using it regularly, so Mama's not convinced it really does anything. Pixie has congenitally bad teeth - we've heard that this is a typical orangie girl problem - but the rest of us have not had any major dental problems. Hard to tell whether that's because of good dental care, the additive, or our own genes. But we all can report definitively that the additive doesn't put us off our drinking water. way to go

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If you plan to use the drinking water additives and have CRF make sure to ask your vet 1st. My vet said that they contain things that may put extra pressure on our kidneys and advised against them when I had CRF.


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My Momma has one of those little rubber "Finger" toothbrushes, that she uses on us, I think they make them for Human Babies. There are soft rubber "nubs" that you can get rubbed onto your teeth and gums, Its great, when they "Itch"!!!

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Alaidh - my little- angel

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I just wanted to add something Alaidh had said in another of the teeth threads that was not carried over to here - this is from her Dr. Susanne:

When a kitty has a full dental cleaning with anaesthesia, their teeth are polished...or should be. When they get a non-anaesthesia cleaning, there is no polishing and therefore tartar will start to collect right away, due to scratching on the teeth, sometimes worse than before, so just be careful when getting this done.

Jazz - At the- Bridge

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I really detest having anyone touch my mouth. Sometimes the humans give me some pet toothpaste to lick, and it isn't distasteful so I humor them. The white coats say that I have some gingivitis, but not too bad. I see that some of you eat dental treats, do they really work? I'm all for more treats, although I tend to be pretty picky about what I will eat. I used to eat tartar control kibbles, but I don't like those any more, and I mostly eat cat food soup, with a side of SD senior kibbles. The humans worry that my teeth may need more attention now that I don't eat tartar control kibbles.
Humans, what are you going to do?

Marley the- Paw 04/94 - 06/09

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Marley liked Greenies tarter control treats. Jerry likes Pounce tarter control treats - in beef flavor. Mick eats anything.

Marley hated to get her teeth brushed but with the tarter treats it really helped to keep it down and she only had to have her teeth cleaned every couple of years.

Mick and Jerry are just starting their dental care with our family and had to immeidately have their teeth cleaned to get the build-up off. But now that we've found the type of tarter treat they like - we're hoping for the same luck we had with Marley.

We didn't use the tarter kibble because it upset Marley's belly but the treats can really help out. It's just important to feed the right amount - different brands have different feeding instructions.

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