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Purred: Thu Feb 15, '07 9:33am PST 
Hi everycat!

I'm Leida from Wales in the UK. Like so many white cats I'm completely deaf. That may be one of the reasons I was dumped, but I had lots of rotten teeth as well, so maybe the people who dumped me just didn't want to pay the vet. cry

Anyhow - I'm happy now. I was put in a cardboard box and dumped into a garden. The people who found me already had six other cats so they passed me onto a freind named Lorraine. She had three cats, but I was very unhappy living there. The other cats weren't nasty to me, but because I'm deaf, I wouldn't know they were there until too late and then I'd get startled and frightened. Because of my bad teeth I couldn't eat very fast, so the other cats would eat my dinner.

Eventually they all got cat flu and passed it to me. Because I wasn't eating and was hiding most of the time, I got very ill.

There was a man named Tony looking after all the kitties while his friend Lorraine was away on holiday. He got so worried about me, that he took me to the vet and they tried to get me to eat and put me on a drip.

Things got very bad and I nearly died. But Tony took me back to his house away from the other cats and he fed me with a mixture of tuna and water. Gradually I got well again and when Lorraine came back off holiday, Tony asked if he could adopt me becaus ehe'd fallen in love with me. big grin

I'm a very happy cat now. Dad (Tony) is used to my deafness and he never sneaks up on me or surprises me. I can usually tell when he is around because I can feel the vibrations of his feet on the floorboards.

Deaf cats can be perfectly happy cats as long as their humans take the time and trouble to think about them.

Any more kitties with hearing probems in this group?

Leida kitty


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Hi Leida!
I'm new to this group and I am also deaf. I was dumped also outside someone's mailbox. The family took me in but then found out that their son was allergic to cats. That's when this other family adopted me. Now I am daddy's little boy. I never leave his side. My deafness really isn't that much of an issue at our house though I get scared sometimes when I'm asleep and someone wakes me up. kitty


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Hi Schnookie - yes, that's the problem when you are deaf. If you are sleeping peacefully, it is really scary if someone disturbs you. Cats that can hear can wake up gradually because then can hear things even when asleep. Us deaf kitties can't. I used to hide from the other cats I lived with, just so I could have some peeace.