Thank you Miss Muppet


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Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 10:57pm PST 
I want to thank Miss Muppet for all that she has done for the Tabbies. She is an inspiration and I wish her the best for her new business. She will be very successful because she is so beautiful and creative. My purrrrrs are with you, dear Miss Muppet. I also wish recovery for your Grandma and I will keep her in my prayers. Purrrs to her and to your Mommy for strength. Remember that you will always be loved!

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Purred: Tue Feb 13, '07 6:29am PST 
Oh yes, everything Tiramisu said. I don't know you very well Miss M. but you do seem to be a very creative and gentle and loving kitty. I'm sure your business will do fantastic. Best of Luck!!!

Sparkle and Tiger