Tabby's Playroom

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Tabby (Tabitha)

Attention hog!
Purred: Thu Jan 25, '07 1:04am PST 

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Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sun Jan 28, '07 6:57am PST 
a playroom is perfect, gives us a chance to meet other kitties and have fun together. Bluie

Edward Wong- Hau ... the- 4th

Just wait till- you sleep....- ;-)
Purred: Wed Jan 31, '07 10:08pm PST 
no catnip or hard drinks.... but there's toys right? lots of toys?? and a really high scratching post? please!

Tabby (Tabitha)

Attention hog!
Purred: Wed Jan 31, '07 10:10pm PST 
Yep, there will be, as soon as we get it decorated! We have to paint first, and then we'll have a whole jungle gym of cat runways, scratching posts, a climbing wall, a hammock, swings, etc. Plus lots and lots of toys!

Leah- (Leather &- Lace)

I only have time- to play!
Purred: Thu Feb 1, '07 4:43am PST 
That sounds like so much fun! I'm too young for catnip and stuff like all smells and tastes yucky anyways!




Play That- Funky Music- White Cat
Purred: Thu Feb 1, '07 7:59am PST 
Cool, it sounds like soooooo muchFUN!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not into hard drinks.......much!!!

Tabby (Tabitha)

Attention hog!
Purred: Thu Feb 1, '07 9:51am PST 

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Trixi (1973-1986)

Purred: Sat Feb 3, '07 1:27am PST 
Trixie and I are going to come up with some neat toys for us to play with, and not all of them will be for doggies alone, we know that a lot of kitties like to play with doggy toys, just like a lot of doggies like to play with kitty toys. snoopy kitty

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Girl and I were thinking for some of the toys, we could have those tennis balls with ropes attached. That way, kitties could play with the ropes, and we woofs could drag them around for the kitties to play with, as well as play fetch. As she said, we're coming up with more ideas, too.
dog cheer

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You're reading my mind Trixie snoopy


Purred: Tue Feb 6, '07 10:28pm PST 
*puts coveralls on and grabs a roller to start on walls*

Skylar (10-26-99 to 7-23-10)

Cooking up- recipes in style
Purred: Tue Feb 6, '07 10:29pm PST 
*puts on coveralls and grabs a roller and some blue paint to help Carbon*

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