Helping Rescues and Shelters 101 - Lesson 1: How To Determine if a Charity is Legitimate


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In the UK there is an association called Charity Check that can help to verify that a charity is not only registered but also reputable.
By law, registered charities here only HAVE to give 10 % of donations to the cause they are claiming to be raising funds for. So a person could set up a website and accept donations for a particular cat rescue (or any other 'good cause') and only be giving the rescue center 10% of the money they raise , keeping the rest for themselves - not exactly reputabe!

You can check if a charity is registered here also:
National Register of Charities.

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You guys are terrific!!! hail
Thanks for doing wonderful work!

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I’d like to say that Busbee gave me, especially my staffs, too much credit! We all know that my staffs are newbie owners. They don’t know much at all. Busbee’s mom’s the genius here. As for me, I’ll just sit here and be pretty. cheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

I do know, however, how extremely easy it is to create a website because of my staffs’ professions (one in design/marketing one in programming). It doesn’t cost nearly as much money as most people would think. For someone who’s familiar with website designing, it costs as little as $5/month to build and maintain a very professional looking site.

I guess my point is, it’s dangerous to judge a website by its look. My staffs know for a fact that many websites take donations for various reasons, some good some bad and some totally wacky. You will be amazed how much donation money they can collect. I’m talking about 6 digits per year! All it takes is a lot of imagination and very clever marketing.

So far I haven’t seen any bogus shelter website but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there is one. That’s why Busbee and I came up with this idea of having this thread. I know many of your parents have volunteered at shelters. Perhaps they can share with us so all of us can have more insights about shelters and animal rescues.


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This is great information Nemo and Busbee. We all certainly want to make sure that our donations go to support the animals. Thanks for doing this.applause


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Thank you Busbee and Nemo - I'm thanking Nemo for just looking pretty. This is stuff all of our people should know about. My mom is a volunteer at her Humane Society so when you get ready to talk about volunteering, she'd be happy to tell her experiences and talk about what it's like to play with kitties that aren't ME!

Purrrrs, Olliekitty