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Fig Newton

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Long Island, New York

Not much to say about this place. It's an island so there are nice beaches, but it's up north so the temperature sometimes drops to 0 celcius, rendering the beaches useless in the winter.

While most outsiders assume all locals of Long Island are wealthy, many residents are not, and one can find plenty of government housing around.

It is the most populated island in the United States and the 17th most populated island in the world, with 8 million people living on it. As such, it is inadvisable for cats to go outside; the risk of being hit by a car is too high (two of my cats have been killed this way). Another huge problem in the area is Lyme disease. Ticks are prevalent in the warm seasons, and Long Island has one of the highest occurances of Lyme Disease in the country.

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Mom doesn't have a ton of time to write about our town right now, so we are providing you with our link. She promises she will tell you what she likes about our towna dn what is neat about it when she gets back from SC. We will say that supposedly the aliens from the Roswell deal were kept at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near here.,_Ohio

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Bill (moved- on)

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I lived my whole life in San Diego, California

San Diego is in the bottom left corner of the United States. The sports teams generally are not so great, but this year there are two things
1- The Chargers are the best team in the NFL and maybe will win the Super Bowl this year.
2- Mr. Tony Gwynn, San Diego's greatest sports hero, got named to the Baseball Hall of Fame this week!

There is also the San Diego Zoo & the San Diego Wild Animal Park if you want to see animals, especially the cool cats!

There is Sea World too, if you want to see more fish than you can eat in a lifetime! And the Padres (baseball team) play in PetCo Park, how cool is that?

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I live in Standish, Maine, U.S. Live by a huge lake they call Sebago Lake. Our town was named after Miles Standish, who had something to do with the Mayflower and Pilgrims. Mama can't remember now, but she thinks he was on the Mayflower and came up to Maine later, after the first Thanksgiving and such. We live in the best place on earth. We are: 40 minutes from the ocean; 50 minutes from New Hampshire; 60 minutes from the mountains; 2 hours from Boston; 4 hours from Quebec; 5 hours from NYC; 5 hours from New Brunswick. It doesn't get any better!

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I was born in Borger Texas which is a little podunk town. It is very small and no one really knows it. It is 60 miles northeast of Amarillo. I now live in Agoura Hills, California. (Sorry no offense to Californians but we will always be Texans.applauselaugh out loud Agoura Hills is in Los Angeles county near the Ventura County line. We are 15 miles from Malibu. It is a nice smaller town. We are near Malibu Creek State Park (mom works there) and that is where the series M*A*S*H was filmed as well as Pleasantville and the old Planet of the Apes film. Also if any are old enough or like to watch old movies the "Mr. Blanding's Builds his Dream House" stage house is there. It is the District office and my mom used to work out of it but they moved them to another building a couple years ago. There are a lot of things that are filmed there. As I said we are 15 miles from Malibu so we are close to the ocean and it is beautiful. We are close to Topanga. Mom always liked that word because it is a word that means "where the mountain meets teh sea" and it is true. It is a beautiful place to live and the people are nice and the community is a great one. We are at the foothills of a mountain called Ladyface Mountain that appears to have the profile of a woman. It is neat. We will always be Texans but we do like this town a lot. cheercheerdancing

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I am also from Dayton, OH! We live downtown with the buildings on one side and the river on the other. We get to watch lots of people go by--many of them are walking dogs, which is fun to watch. Along the river, there are lots of big birds including geese, ducks, herons, seagulls, sandpipers, and the occasional peregrine falcon. We had one sit outside our window. He was eating a rabbit. That made us happy that we are indoor kitties!

Dayton has lots of great bikeways, including one that runs outside our house. Mom and Dad like to go out there and walk, rollerblade, and ride bikes--when the weather cooperates.

There are a lot of festivals in Dayton during the Summer and Fall. Mom's favorite is Cityfolk. She likes world music, and that always brings a good variety of performers. There is also the Popcorn Festival, Oktoberfest, Strawberry Festival, Greek Festival, etc. (Too many to list.) Oh, and we have a cat show here every year. That's where all those fancy purebred kitties get looked at and judged. We like the cat show, because mom comes home with free samples of cat food! For more info on Dayton, check out Ravi's writings. He included a link to the Wikipedia Dayton article.

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