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Loki the- Talking- Angel Cat

Loki the Talking- Cat
Purred: Fri Jan 5, '07 7:20am PST 
Hi, I know I haven't been around much, my primate needed my help with some things, so apologies if this appears spammy *nervously twirls whisker*

I used to be known as Loki the Cat from Hell, but as you can see after I found an outlet for my energy in the form of videoblogging a name change was in order. Maybe I just grew up, I dunno....

Anyhoo, I, an orphaned farm tabby who somehow found some loving and supportive humans, am in a contest to win a 15 second commercial spot on the Superbowl. I chose to talk about racism, since we cats all play together no matter what colors we are.

I would be honored if those of you with humans who have You Tube accounts would take the time to watch and rate my entry. You can find it here:


And the rest of the entries are here:


I believe I am the only talking cat who entered a video, and I wore my best suit!

Thanks much for your time
(and again, apologies if this appears spammy! Mmmm... spaaaammmm....)

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