Catsterholics Anonymous Meeting

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Not enough time- in a day!
Purred: Tue Dec 19, '06 7:17pm PST 
aww...goodnight Sasha and Zoe--have a good night! Happy holidays if We don't catch up with you before hand!

Snow (In loving memory)

Purred: Tue Dec 19, '06 7:51pm PST 
Sorry I am late but i am here now. Momma was busy and wouldnt let me on the computer.


Tito's Shadow.
Purred: Tue Dec 19, '06 8:12pm PST 
Sorry I missed it, mom had to work late frown

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Tue Dec 19, '06 8:24pm PST 
Oh oh! What did I miss? Mommy had to finish her Christmas shopping, meanwhile, I'm at home starving, for food and affection, and Catsterholics, so when she came home, I bit her!


Bonkers is mine!- Paws off!
Purred: Tue Dec 19, '06 8:32pm PST 
Oh no, we missed it! So sorry everyone, we lost track of time. We are so so sorry, we really wanted to be here.

Tiger and Tipsey

Sasha (in- memory)

Big Kitty
Purred: Wed Dec 20, '06 4:49pm PST 
S' all right, kitties, we'll try and put out some BIGGER reminders next time. Looks like most of you were on a little later... perhaps we can have the meeting at 7pm next month? Give us some feedback, if you can.

In any event, remember we're always here to talk in the group threads. If you're ever in need, have no fear, CATSTERHOLICS WILL BE HERE!!!

*flys out of the room*

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