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Little Bambi Zoe
Purred: Thu Nov 9, '06 9:09am PST 
How do you explain your love of Catster to people who really just can't understand it? I try, and they look at me like I'm crazy. Then they tell me "Oh yeah, I'm on Freakster - ha ha ha" (there's no such thing, as far as I know).

My next question is: Do others have problems with their significant others getting upset when you spend time on Catster? (Like, mom's boyfriend, for instance, being upset that mom and I are on Catster...) And if so, how do you deal with this? I'm still trying to figure it out, so any advice would be most helpful.


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Thu Nov 9, '06 6:50pm PST 
Well, my human just says, its a cat-lover thing. heehee


Not enough time- in a day!
Purred: Fri Nov 10, '06 10:03am PST 
*gigles* Mommy's family thinks that she is crazy!!! They say she is becoming a crazy cat lady--but they all still love her!!! I'm referring to her mom/dad/parent inlaws and sisters!! They think the craziest part is that everyone's cats talk--not the humans! As far as my daddy---mommy's husband---he tolerates it-but he is a very patient man---he usually finds something to do while we are on(which seems like all of the time) But, mommy does have to take a few nights off to spend quality time with daddy---they are somewhat newly weds so that is pretty important!!!

As far as how to deal with it---ummm---I couldn't say---mommy tells everyone else to deal with it!! Every human seems pretty understanding though--mommy does't care---we love CATSTER!!!!

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Sat Nov 11, '06 8:33pm PST 
Mommy's mommy asks if Mommy has a boyfriend online, because we are spending sooooo much time online, most of it on Catster! Whenever Mommy tells Grandma about Catster, she just rolls her eyes and says "Ohhh-kay" like Mommy is nuts! One of her friends has a dog on Dogster, but only goes on like twice a year, but she kinda understands, she just doesn't understand about the forums. Mommy's grandma and auntie kinda of understand, since they have a cat, and she is on Catster, but they only put her on so they could see mine and Willie's wedding. They think it's cute. Mommy did have a boyfriend with a cat, and he said he might put her on, and that it would be a cute idea, but they broke up, and I doubt that he put his cat on.

Marie - Defender of the Empire

Ramses' warrior- princess!
Purred: Mon Nov 13, '06 11:52am PST 
Mommy's family doesn't really know, except maybe mommy's sister. We think she understands, b/c she is addicted to the internet too. Heh.

Daddy gets upset when mommy spends too much time, so between work and home stuff our Catster time can be rather limited. It was way better when she was on leave from work, she had tons more time for us to go online!

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Sasha (in- memory)

Big Kitty
Purred: Mon Nov 13, '06 8:47pm PST 
All right! So I'm not the only one who's being called a crazy old cat lady. That's a relief. Phew. And I'm not the only one who has others that aren't happy with the whole situation. Also good to know.

I still am not sure what to do about my situation. I love Catster - it's a creative outlet for me, a fellowship of cats with whom I enjoy talking, a refuge from the doldroms of daily affairs. I don't particularly care what others around me think of me or Catster. However, mom's boyfriend is the one that's sitting there, excluded and uninterested in it, and frustrated that we're paying attention to the computer. So far, the only thing I've come up with is to set aside specific times for Catster, which is restrictive and makes me sad. I'm hoping that things will settle down... We'll see.

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Did I just hear- the treat jar- rattle?
Purred: Tue Jan 2, '07 12:06pm PST 
My Mama totally understands the posts here. She has been told more than once that she is turning into the crazy cat lady. Daddy doesn't mind us spendng so much time on Catster. Daddy and Mommy have their computers in the same room so they can still talk and stuff while Mommy is on Catster and Daddy plays a computer game. It gives each of them time to unwind. The other family members don't understand though because most of them don;t like animals. (They just don't know what they're missing...) They think Mommy is crazy. Mommy just explains that everyone has hobbies and things they enjoy and Catster is what she enjoys. she tells everyone that its not just a website, but there are lots of things to read and learn and discuss - not to mention its a lot of fun! Anyway, Mom figures so long as the house is clean and dinner gets cooked, its no ones business how she spends her free time.

T C ♥- (an angel- always)

I am Mrs.- Cagney!!!
Purred: Thu Jan 4, '07 12:28am PST 
Everybody that my mommy knows; that knows she's on Catster think she's totally lost it. "Whatever" 1st they thought she was crazy because she got a MySpace page. "You're too old for that stuff" Then we were already on Catster, but not very active when my brother Spotty went to Rainbow Bridge. Mommy started spending more time on Catster. Then mommy got my 2 brothers a MySpace page & got us Catster Plus for Christmas. Mommy has totally blown off dates, girls nights out etc. because she was (as 1 friend put it) "Uh-huh; so you can't go out with us because your dead kitty is having a holiday party?" "You'd better hope you still have us when when your all shriveled up". Like I said "Whatever". I agree with the kitty that said "Tell them to deal with it". VERY WELL PUT. Catster is not illegal, it's not immoral, it's not expensive. So tell everyone not to knock it unless they've tried it.

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Thu Jan 4, '07 6:03pm PST 
That's kinda what Mommy told Grandma the other night. Grandma worries about Mommy going on the Internet, even though Mommy is in her thirties and a free-thinking adult. But Grandma is a worrier, as are most moms. But Mommy told Grandma not to worry, that whenever she goes online, most of the time it's on Catster. She told Grandma that she has nothing to worry about identity theft (which is what Grandma worries about constantly) on Catster, nobody knows Mommy's name, address, phone number and purrsonal info except HQ and the kittes we sent Christmas cards to, but that was totally a secret. There is also no potty mouth (John Tesh's term) or talk of s-e-x (uh, except talk of spaying and neutering!) and that one time Mommy used the d-a-m word and got edited immediately!
That made Grandma feel much better.
The friend who has a Dogster account, and hardly ever goes on, doesn't understand how we talk, as cats, talking to cats, not humans talking to humans, and how we do our diaries that way. Between you and me, I don't think she has much of an imagination! Either that, or she doesn't know how to use it.
Nope, I choose no imagination

Apollo (In- Memory)

Love Ya !

Purred: Tue Jan 23, '07 11:01pm PST 
Momsmom asks, "Are you looking at that cat thing again?"

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