How are your cats like dogs?

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angel Sam
Purred: Sun Dec 20, '09 8:10pm PST 
Hi there, I am sammy.I am very good at begging. I meow or just stare at mommy or daddy.I also roll over when I want a treat or something. Mommy calls me a ham., becouse I like to do that when she has friends over.

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I'll get you- when you least- expect it.
Purred: Sun Mar 28, '10 1:03am PST 
I am like a dog because I live with two dogs and I'm just one of them, but I'm the one with a mean streak. I can make those babies cry at any moment, sometimes just looking at them makes them scared.

I fight with the best of them but because of my cat ancestors, the minute Dadda could be looking, I act like the perfect citizen.

I also go down rabbit burrows and can do anything a small dog can do. I understand commands both pleasant and that special language that comes from the lady at my house when she is mad.


Stealing home &- stealing hearts
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 11:11am PST 
I don't "act like a dog," so much as I act like an Abyssinian! I love to go for walks on my leash with my mom. We play in the park and go shopping...sometimes we ride on the subway!

I also wear coats and sweaters when it's cold - I don't mind it at all because I'd rather be warm.

I fetch, too, sometimes, and I come when mom calls me (but not when dad does). I also guard my mom when she sleeps.

DeCon M.

Dekies my "Cool- Dude in a Loose- Mood"
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 11:26am PST 
Me and my brother Lambchop are both like dogs. Mom calls us dogs all the time and we still come to her when she calls. We always say goodbye to mom at the door when she leaves and we are always waiting on the other side when she comes home. (We know the sound of her car). We both love to fetch with anything that moves, mom always throws little toys for us to go and retrieve. We know how to sit, laydown, shake paw-paw, and high five for treats. Sometimes when we think we should have a treat I will shake paw , but we dont always get one. Mom says we will get too fat. I love to roll onto my back so I can get belly rubs, but my brother doesn't like that. Mom calls us lapdogs cause we both have to sit on her lap at the same time. It's OK. We share her. Im the best watchdog in the house cause when I hear a strange sound I growl. Mom thinks its funny.We dont mind being called "dogs" as long as we get the attention and loving from our mom. >'.'< >'.'


Wait on me. Now.
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 11:33am PST 
I will deny this, but I am very dependent on companionship. I am very verbal (must have some Siamese in my background--my head is triangular, too). I yell at Mommy to wake up, to lie down so I can sleep on her, to feed me, or just to pay attention to me. She just doesn't get it without the verbal cues. I like interactive play, especially with my mousies. The only toy I'll play alone with is my Turbo Scratcher (the best toy since the Kitty Teaser). Even with the Turbo Scratcher, it's more fun if Mommy plays too. My brother Conan used to retrieve paper wads, but that was going too far.

Mr. Beau- Ditty Kitty

Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 12:04pm PST 
I like to fetch and will drop the balls off at the person feet that I prefer to be the next thrower. I can sit on the table and get a volley going with my soft bonkie balls and when I'm done doing that game, I'll just catch it with my big paws ( I have 6 claws on each paw). That impresses people. My famous trick I love to show off for company..........say the words "roll over" and I'll do it every time for a treat(self taught). Speaking of treats....I can't get traction fast enough when I hear that word. I sleep next to my mommy's head---well that is my side of the bed I offer to share with her. I own daddy's lap and laptop. The bottom of the couch is also mine. I have an enclosed balcony cage with a full ocean view and my friends are the humming birds. I asked Santa for the Refined Feline cat tree this year and got's pretty darn cool looking too. I love to hear my meows and will hold a conversation with anyone who will listen and talk back. Everyone that sees me thinkings I'm fabulous and well mannered. I think it's rude to not come when I'm called. I like to follow people around the house. My favorite thing to do and watch is hold the feather part of the string wand in my mouth and led my daddy around the house(dad'd a team player). I NEVER ever make mom and dad get out of bed in the mornings before they are ready-I'll just kick back and sleep along side until I see an eye open. I always stop to shove my face and smell the flowers mommy brings home. I've never distroyed any furniture. I'm never sick. I'm a longhair that hardly sheds. I like being groomed. I will always greet you at the door with a warm welcoming meow.
What can I say?....I'm simply PURRRFECT! ...... mommy and daddy adore me and I know it!


Sanguine Cat
Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 1:14pm PST 
Gizzie begs just like a is soooooo cute. She will also fetch. Her favorite toy is a soft plastic doll dress!


Purred: Tue Apr 27, '10 6:33pm PST 
When I first rescued Killer I knew there was something special about her. The first night in my then empty apartment she bolted down the stairs carrying her mouse toy I had picked up for her that day. She dropped it right in front of me and I swear she gave me the eyes of please oh please throw it for me... well that started a 6 year everyday routine of fetch her mouse toy has long been laid to rest but with a basket i have named the toybox she now has gained milk rings, more mice, bead necklaces and a occasional hairtie she decides is no longer mine but hers. I've never had a cat that had her personality and its great she wakes me up in the mornings licking my face like mum get up its time to play then that leads to her morning treats which she will sit, shake and play dead I don't even ask her anymore she just will go through her trick routine its priceless . as for her being outside she loves to watch the apartment wild animals but stays close by my side kitty as if to say mom i'll protect you the one thing i will say is the cutest thing she does is she is my watchdog if she hears someone come up to the door and it isn't the b/f she will growl almost like a lil dog but if she hears the b/f's car coming even from down the road she is at the door waiting for daddy
She's my cat dog and I would trade her for anything in this world big grin


copy cat cappy- cot
Purred: Wed Apr 28, '10 7:45am PST 
I play fetch with my furry rattling mice. I carry around a stuffed ferret doll in my mouth everywhere and I like to shake it and toss it. I am very friendly and go right up to strangers.


Mr. Snuggles
Purred: Wed May 5, '10 9:57pm PST 
Hi Everyone!
I am new here and would love to make some new friends. I can't believe how many cats there are who act like dogs smile
Ok, on to answering this question. I act like a dog in many ways. First, I LOVE people!! Every time we have visitors (which is pretty often) I run up to them to get my requisite scratchies. No one is allowed in the house who doesn't pet me. Second, I like to follow mommy all over the house, and even "herd' her into the living room. That way I know where she is at all times. Wherever she goes, I am right there with her. Next, I love to chew on books. When I was a kitten, I would knock mommy's books off her big bookshelf, then jump down and chew on them. Many of her books have little teeth marks in them. I still do this, and also chew on other objects in the house. Now that I am an older, more dignified cat, I chew much more politely smile In addition, I also wag my tail when I am happy, which is most of the time! Finally, I am like a dog because I LOVE other animals. My mom's friend brings her small dog over for playdates with me. Not only are we the same size, but we love to chase each other through the house and wrestle. I also like to watch shows with other animals on them, and will sit in fascination for the entire show. I am waiting to get a friend of my own. Another cat or dog in the house would be purr-fectly wonderful!

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