Calico's and Torties Welcome

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Purred: Sat May 20, '06 6:22pm PST 
Welcome everyone! Please feel free to add your catster ID, name and whether you are a Tortie or calico.
Mrrow! Rainbow


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Purred: Tue Jul 11, '06 8:27pm PST 
I know this might sound silly-but what is the difference between the two???? I thought I was a beautiful Calico-and now I am thinking that I might be a tortie!??! Can someone please tell me what exactly I am.

Rainbow ~- Happy in- Heaven

Mommy's Guardian- Purr-Angel
Purred: Mon Jul 24, '06 6:57pm PST 
Calicos have more white, normally on the undersides, wheras torties have hardly any. If a cat has all white with a little torite coloring, he / she is a calico. If a cat has mostly torite coloring, with a little white and is a girl (according to one source ) she is a tortie. Does that answer your question?

Lydia (my- daughter's- cat)

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Purred: Mon Sep 25, '06 7:30pm PST 
I'm a calico. Aren't I pretty? And mommy loves how soft I am. Grandma, too.


Cute Calico
Purred: Wed May 16, '07 4:08am PST 
Hi I'm a calico aren't I?


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Purred: Wed Jun 6, '07 4:18pm PST 
i dont know what i am eitherred face. my feet are white and im mostly brown and tan marbled looking but the people at the adoption place refered to me as a calico. Mommy says she doesnt care what I am, she loves me just the same.

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Purred: Mon Jun 11, '07 10:53am PST 
Hi calicos and torties, wave

I'm new here. My name is Mittens and I'm a dilute calico. What's a dilute calico? smile If you look at my photos you will see that grey is my dominant color but I have white too, mostly on my tummy but not as much as a regular calico, and only small patches of orange. I don't have the big patches of color on the white that you "true" calicos have. And of course I have white paws (which is why some silly human gave me the name Mittens). big grin


Bad to the Bone- MOL!!!
Purred: Sun Sep 21, '08 8:14pm PST 
uhm...i'm calico....or one of the multi-colored kitty names MOL
whatever I am, I do know I'm diluted -
especially after using the litterbox MOL

hugs n tugs!


Sneaky Little- Kitty
Purred: Tue Jun 7, '11 9:12am PST 
Hi, I'm new hew here. I'm Sierra, a calico kitten. little angel