"Crohn's Disease"

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Hi Everyone! I am Opie Thunderbear. I am 5 years old, a blue persian. A few years ago I was diagnosed with "Crohn's Disease", the vet said that I lacked a certain gene and that I am doomed. I was quite sick for a year or so, but Mommi and the vet gave me lots of medicines and I am much better. I wonder if any of the kitties out there have this, and what is your experience with it? I have occasional bleeding from bowels, but not like the life-threatening hemorraging of a few years back. I haven't been sick in 2-3 years. I cannot eat any table treats. I am tired, but I am not in pain, I eat well, but I am quite slender. No anemia now that I am better. Me and Mommi would appreciate any input at all, as we have never known anyone else with this terrible problem. When I was first sick, it was terrible, and i required much medical care. Love, Opie


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Well our human mommy has this disease and although she is human she was wondering if you were on Prednisone(sp?) and there are also lots of human meds that our mom used to be on that may also be safe for kitties...Mom had NO idea that kitties could have this too...the doctors told my mom it was like having cancer, it depletes your immune system (that is why our mom stays sick, although she has been in "remission" for 12 years) Mom gives all the credit to Jesus b/c she stopped taking her medicine many moons ago. It's so fun to be a kitty...we hear her tell our dad all this stuff from before they met and they talk in front of us kitty kids b/c they think we don't understand...little does she know that we are on here telling all her personal stuff...MEOW!

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That's pretty rare in a kitty. It's more common in doggys. And from what Mom read there is no cure for a kitty with it. They thought I might have it at first, too.

Hopefully you will feel ok.


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Opie, I can't offer much advice other than to keep your spirits up and maintain a positive attitude about it. When I was younger, I had something that was the feline equivalent to megacolon. I dribbled stool everywhere and when I would try and defecate, I'd scream in pain. I was supposed to be euthanized as no treatment was able to make a difference and no one wanted to deal with me and my problem.

Luckily, I was saved by a nice vet with a soft spot for kittens and he let me live at his clinic in a cage. I stayed there for over a year until my mom decided to rescue me, poop problems and all. I had to stay in a cage at mom's house but at least it was one that was much bigger than I was used to. Plus I got lots of love at my new home and when mom could watch me, I was able to come out of my cage. I'm glad some people decided to give me another chance at life because I no longer have those problems anymore and I can live a normal life outside a cage. I've been cage free for almost five years now!