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Cat Weightloss Is where you can ask me a question on how your cat can lose weight.I might ask how many treats you give your cat, how much food, ect.


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Hi, I'm trying to lose weight, for the past 3 years now. I'm 17 pounds, the best I've done so far is 16.3 pounds. My mommy only gives me half a can twice a day. I'm always stealing my brother's food. And my mommy gives in to my crying and gives me about 10-15 tartar control treats a day. I don't exercise. Maybe I want to but I don't know how to start.

Thanks for your help!

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you should feed you and your brother at different times.If you go to eat your brothers food then tell your mommy to try and grab you and give you some attention.For the exercise try to find a toy you like.See how that works.

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Hi I'm Martha. I'm about 15 pounds, and my cat family and I have full access to food 24/7. I go outside, and I am SUPPOSE to exercise, but I just sit on the lawn chairs the whole time. I know, I know. It's bad, and I'm just going to get bigger if something isn't done! Any ideas?


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Hi all!

I'm a 12lbs feline femme fatale, with green eyes that would put a spell on you if you ever saw them live!

My body used to be just as pretty, but when mum and dad got Columbine, she was a kitten and naturally had to be fed kitten food. So I doubled my weight in 6 months shock

Grandma says her kitty did the same, but then they tried Hills Diet food and it actually helped a lot! Aunties Nuser and My are actually quite slender now smile So mum have been trying to feed that to me, but it just tastes plain dull..*sigh* But I hope in time it will help smile

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Yeah that kitten food is great - muncha muncha -