Not positive w/ Bastet

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Fast and furious
Purred: Fri May 15, '09 11:01am PST 
My son found this adorable kitten under his car and fed her a baby bottle. (Her story is on her page). In looking at her, I thought her to be an Egyptian Mau-a gift from the "Gods". She has made us very happy.

She is most unusual cat I have ever had. Her solid black feet, her beautiful spots, her speed and height she leaped when she was not even a month old. The sounds such as a 'hum' when she is upset (protecting her toy) the 'ah, ah, ah' of excitement over seeing a mirror reflection, bug or bird. She perches on my shoulder and rides there for a long lenght of time. She walks on a leash. She chortles and her voice is like an angel-with sounds of different tones up and down the scale for a great length of time.

Being as she was found in the street, it is so hard to believe, that such an expensive rare kitten would be dumped at only 3 weeks of age.

If anyone out there is a Mau expert, please look at her page and see what you think. I registered her as a Mau- but I am not sure. Even if she is not, we love her no matter what she is...She is truly a gift from God.

Eileen-Bastet's Mom little angel little angel